It would be awesome if everyone who enquired with you / your business was ready to buy from you right away, wouldn’t it?

But fact is – they’re not all ready right away!!

Doesn’t mean they won’t be ready later though if you’re prepared to invest some time into deeper conversations & following up…

Did you know there are FIVE different levels of customer awareness?

People range from knowing who you are and what you do and being ready to buy… all the way through to not even knowing they have a problem that there is a solution for!

Each different type of person needs to see different types of ads and information from your business in order to take them from not ready to buy to “when can I come in?”

This is why just advertising the price and what’s included in your offer doesn’t always work on social media… (especially when trying to get brand new clients) because they don’t even know you yet!!

You really need to know WHO you’re talking to and what THEY want to know…

The success of your marketing and advertising when it comes to attracting new clients will depend entirely on how well you know your target client.

(Including their personality, interests, beliefs, fears, the emotional reason(s) why they buy from you)…

This is be the topic of this week’s episode of the Coffee With Carissa Show!

Love Carissa xo