Just because you have been a certain type of person, have been interested or involved in certain things, worked in a job or industry that you have a lot of experience in, or been labeled (by yourself or others) as something or someone that has become you’re whole identity…

Does not mean you can’t go in a completely new or different direction either now or in the near future.

Even if you have had the most traumatic or embarrassing of pasts. If you feel guilt, shame or unworthiness… what you must realise that right now, in this moment, all of that is in the past.

Your future is up to you to create, and like anything you wish to create, it first of all needs to begin in your imagination.

If your imagination frequently runs wild with memories or thoughts of the past that do not make you feel good. If your mind continues to come up with reasons why you “can’t” do something or shouldn’t do something because of who you “were” or because of what has happened to you…

I’m sorry to tell you this but you will continue living in the past or allowing your past to keep you living a never ending life which feels like you’re in a permanent state of “limbo.”

Never able to go back, and never able to go forward either.

My reminder for you to today is that your future is not dependant on your past, and that your past does not need to influence your future.

Your past will always be a part of your life. You can’t erase it. But you can begin to think of it as a part one or two or three of the series of your life.

At any time you can make a new choice, start a new story, and direct the series, with you being the main character, to wherever you want it to go.

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