It always SEEMS impossible until it’s done

Starting a business can seem impossible.

Creating a website can seem impossible.

Launching your social media accounts can seem impossible.

Writing your ABOUT PAGE can seem impossible.

Making your first sale can seem impossible.

Growing your business can seem impossible.

And yet, nothing is what it seems.

Just because you’ve never done something before or something scares you, doesn’t make that something impossible.

It just makes that something new and uncharted territory.

But many before you have sailed the same seas so you find yourself in an age of online communication and resources.

Use it.

Don’t allow fear stop you in your tracks and feel like it’s impossible.

Reach out for help.

Ask for guidance.

Give it a go.

Embrace mistakes as a learning tool.

Say NO to perfection and YES to progress.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Look forward to the big picture but focus on just the next baby step.


It always SEEMS impossible, until it is done.

Love, Carissa xo.