If you’re feeling like crap right now – here’s how to turn that around!

Have you ever made up an imaginary argument in your head and immediately got mad? 🤬

Or have you had a dream where someone died and you woke up in tears? 😭

These are just examples of how your thoughts create your feelings.

Your thoughts are responsible for your feelings at all times. 🧐

From this point forward, whenever you are feeling a way you don’t want to for any longer…

I would love you to start to acknowledge and accept the fact that you are the one creating that feeling within yourself based on the thoughts you are thinking.

Some people struggle to wrap their brain around this because they are stuck in their ego, blaming others for how they feel instead of accepting that it is within their control to choose how they want to feel. 🤷‍♀️

Don’t get me wrong.

This takes practice to master.

However, once you do get into the habit of reminding yourself as a negative thought arises, you can instantly change how you feel. 🙏🏼

Remember that your thoughts create your reality. 🔮

Click on the picture below for the full video and then answer this:

How have you experienced your thoughts and feelings becoming your reality?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo