Here’s how I feel about IDEAS.

They’re often given to you.

When you relax your mind.

You don’t have to try & come up with them.

They just float into your brain as if put there randomly by your higher self / spirit guides / universal power.

At least that’s what it feels like for me.

They come when your mind is most empty and available.

During moments of rest, sleep, bathing or massage.

It’s up to you to choose if you would like to keep the idea or not by how you act on it.

It’s free, you don’t need to pay for it.

And yet, the idea WANTS to be used.

It’s purpose is to come to life.

If you say “thanks idea but I’ve got enough going on already right now, I might see you later if you decide to come back”

Then the idea is free to float off into someone else’s mind and become theirs, in hope that it will be used.

If you say “ooh, I like that idea” and you write it down – then it is yours to keep until you are ready to use it / share it.

(Unless it gets bored of waiting and goes to find someone else anyway).

Just keep in mind that if you choose to keep it, the idea WANTS TO BE USED and the longer you hold onto it, the more you doubt it, criticise it, question it…

The more the idea doubts and questions you also.

Were you really the best choice for it?

It would be kinder to let it go if you are not going to look after it.

You see, everything is energy, even your thoughts.

“Thoughts are things” – Wayne Dyer.

They have their own being, spirit, vibration and purpose.

They have power you can only begin to understand when you decide to acknowledge it.

You get to choose the thoughts you keep, and the thoughts you think over and over, and the thoughts you let go of.

Not all thoughts are good either, though they work the same way.

They control your results, emotions, and actions throughout your entire life.

You can choose to keep them, or you can choose to let them go.

(It helps to write them down and tell them what you are going to do with them – especially if you no longer want or need them)!

Your thoughts & ideas want to be used.
Use them wisely.

“This thought, is brought to you via Carissa Hill @ 2.07am after she just woke up to pee and I wouldn’t let her get back to sleep until she wrote me down!”

Do you need a hand with getting your ideas out into the hands of your clients? Let me know 🙂

Love, Carissa xo.