So today I’m actually going to be sharing a little bit about something that I believe is a super power of mine.

Once I mention it, you will probably think, ‘oh, that makes so much sense!’

This super power is what I will be putting into the new course I just launched, you may have seen it, the WTF Do They Want From Me course.

I may also first draw a Tarot card first, with a message for someone who needs to hear it – is it you? You’ll need to watch!

So let’s talk about my super power…

I’m sure there are going to be people who think that it makes so much sense!

You may have noticed that a lot of times, when I write a post, whether it be on my Facebook page, whether it be in this group, wether it be a live video talking about a specific topic, or wether it be a big ranty post that’s come out of nowhere, there’s always at least one person who is like, ‘OH MY GOD Carissa, it’s like you are inside my head! How the F did you know I was thinking this? That I needed to hear this, right now?’

People are like, you’re psychic, it’s like you can read my thoughts.

And I’m like, well, actually, I can, but it’s not intentional.

I’m not literally thinking, ‘oh, Susie needs to hear this!’ and then I say something.

It’s more like, something comes to me and I start writing it, and there’s always people who need to hear it.

And it is a super power.

And it’s also how I’ve managed to be super successful in business because I know what people want.

And it’s because, I know, what people want.

Or, I know what people need.

And that is because I intimately, obsessively, in such a deep, crazy level understand who my target market is.

And I was finally able to break down the process of how I do what I do.

Want to know more? You should watch the video in full .