I confronted one of my biggest fears…

In April I confronted one of my biggest fears.

I shaved off most of my hair!!!

It might not be a big deal for anyone else, but for me it was one of the scariest (and yet empowering) things I have ever done in my fricken life!

I also live-streamed it on Facebook, because, why not?! haha

The hairdresser (amazing Cassie @ Diamond Cut) also made me cut my own hair off.

My hands were literally shaking.

Not only did I choose to do this because I have alopecia, and because I wanted to raise money for a good cure… Deep down it was also making a commitment to love myself for who I am on the inside, rather than what I look like on the outside.

I feel like I’ve really let go of a lot of the OLD and have made way for the NEW.

I also have chosen to live in full transparency and vulnerability this year, and by sharing my insecurities with you, and my journey in facing them, accepting them, and embracing them… I hope that I might be able to inspire you to do the same.

We all have the courage to do the things we need and want to do. It’s always there waiting to be used. All you need when it comes to overcoming obstacles in life and in business is to EMBRACE them. Feel them. Lean into them. Accept them.

The opposite of fear is love. So if you can learn to come from a place of love both for yourself and others, whenever you are afraid, you will be able to move through the fear quickly.

Love, Carissa xo.