I always wanted to build a business that allowed me to have time and freedom to spend with my kids when I had them.

I wanted a business I could choose when I worked and what I worked on and from where.

And I know a lot of other people want the same (because they tell me) but then they don’t DO the things to make it actually real.

I remember telling my mum when I was 16 that I was going to work from home. She worried and thought that I should get a ‘proper job’ and I did… for a couple of years…

But soon enough I was fully self employed, became an employer myself (actually I hired someone to help in my business before I quit my day job) and started building and running my business from home while my team serviced the clients.

The important thing to realise about this is it was a CHOICE I MADE and you can make it too.

There were always clients who only wanted me. There were always team members who preferred when I was there. There were always friends and family members who had their own opinions…

But I know what I want for MY LIFE and I know how I work best.

And that is from home, or from anywhere else (now surrounded by those beautiful babies I was going to have) xo

You can make the choice too to set up your business to allow you to work the way YOU want to. Just remember, it’s a choice. ✌

Love, Carissa xo.