Don’t let any coach or mentor tell you that you need to be anything other than your SELF in order to be successful.

Of course, you can improve your SELF along your journey… (and I highly recommend it)…

But trying to change yourself to fit a mould, box, strategy or system that doesn’t feel good to you, in order to make money…

Is basically selling your soul.

Be true to you.

No matter how weird or woo woo or geeky or inappropriate you are.

If you don’t include all that in your business, which you spend a large percentage of your life on…

Then you will always be slightly unfulfilled and feel like you’re *missing* something…

And guess what it’ll be?

You. You’re missing you.

So what have you been ‘leaving out’ because you felt it was ‘not very professional?’

Reply and let me know.

And then answer me this – will you stop it now and be the real you?

We’re waiting to meet you!

Love, Carissa xo