How To Keep Customers Coming Back (and telling their friends about you).

Do you find yourself sometimes wondering "Why is it so quiet this week?", "Where are all my clients?", "Why has nobody booked in or contacted us this week?"

I can tell you why. It's often not because they don't want to come in and see you, it's simply because they are waiting to hear from you.

I have a really bad habit of not making appointments. Usually because I just forget, but even when I do remember that I need to book in a wax or to get my hair done, I often just put it off and keep doing what I'm doing...


If my waxing lady or hairdresser would just send me a nice TXT message or email to ask how I am going, I would probably reply with: "Good! And by the way, I need my hair done! When can you fit me in?"

(Please note, a txt that includes a special offer or discount NEVER gets a reply from me... do you reply to them? People want to feel cared about more than just offered things, and when you show them that you care, they will buy more anyway)...

Do you feel like you can relate to this situation a little bit? Well, it well and truly works.

I made these two FREE videos specifically to explain to you WHY most customers don't come back to a business, and to give you an exact strategy and ideas to implement to make sure they do! 

The ideas I have mentioned in these 2 short videos are just one of 10 simple formulas I have used in my business to keep it growing, talked about and booked out over the last 10 years.

I turned a small home beauty business into a chain of 3 busy salons that operated without me in them while I travelled the world, and it's all thanks to myself and my team continually implementing these 10 things.

Growing a business honestly doesn't have to be as hard as you make it out to be in your head. Yes it takes a lot of work, and I'm sure you know that by now, but you can grow quite quickly by just repeating a few simple strategies (that work) over and over again.

And I want to share them with you if you are somebody who is 100% committed to growing your business and you really truly want to have customers who LOVE you.

I wrote this book for small business owners who want to grow a successful business and make lots of money but who also want to have fun in the process. (This is really important to me)!

It's called GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUND$ and it contains my top 10 favourite and fun ways to increase sales in your business in as little as a week.

The 10 simple strategies in this book are under $1 each and have been responsible for bringing in over $900,000 in sales in my own business over the last few years, and now I want to share them with you.

Even if you only implement one of them you could add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your business this month. No joke.

And I'm so confident in saying that, that if you honestly don't get any results from any of these methods in the next 30 days I will give you your $10 back no questions asked at all.

Seriously, if you get one booking or sale from any of the methods in this book you will have made a profit from it. (Assuming you sell something for more than $10).

You'll never have to worry about how to fill up slow weeks in your business ever again!

Just click on the image below to order it now securely with PayPal and after your payment is processed you will be re-directed to a link where you can download the book.

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What's Inside?

• How to up sell in a way that doesn't feel salesy.
• How to get old customers coming back.
• How to increase your prices and increase value.
• How to turn enquiries into happy paying clients.
• How to create a brand new offer to re-excite your market.
• How to get incredible testimonials.
• How to get referrals from customers.
• How to reduce your expenses and improve cash flow.
• How to attract more clients to your website.
• How to run a successful Facebook competition.
BONUS: How to use Facebook ads and boosted posts.

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If you put just one of these plans into action and get one customer (existing or new) coming into your business, you have made a profit from this teeny tiny investment.