I had a business coach reach out to me today via my DM’s and ask me what my current revenue goal is…

Now, having had a lot of coaches myself (I’ve not been without a coach or mastermind group for the last 10 years), and having BEEN a coach for the last 6, I know how the rest of this is gonna go down…

I told him currently I want to get back up to $150k per month which was where my company was at before I got pregnant with my second bub.

My second pregnancy was rough, I was in a lot of pain, and once bub was born, he didn’t start sleeping well up until about a month or so ago. (He still wakes up throughout the night but it’s not 4-5 times anymore)!

So my business scaled back a bit to a level I found a bit more manageable with less team members and less clients for a while…

But I have been significantly ramping things up again now that I’m getting more sleep, and I’m not such a cow anymore. (Baby will take a bottle now and is eating real foods. He’s turning one next month you guys wtf)!

Anyway back to the conversation. He asked me if I’d like to chat to his business strategist to put together a plan for how I can scale back up to 150k months.

Now, here’s where my mind starts to do fun things.

Because I have put so many years into my self discovery journey and I feel like I really know my work style, values, personality strengths and weaknesses, and what I do and don’t want for my life and business…

I feel like I need to pre-frame anyone I get on the phone with with what I absolutely will and will not do, and, if I work with a coach or consultant, and they are teaching me to do something a certain way, and I know it will work to make money, but I really don’t want to do it… I will just plain and simple, not do it.

Like, does your method involve sales calls or webinars? 

Cool, but I’m not doing it.

Are you going to teach me how to set up a fancy evergreen funnel? 

Yah? OK also, not doing that.

Also, I don’t actually even want to get on a sales call, can you just tell me the info via DM?
I will sign up if I want it.

There’s probably a lot of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who think I’m crazy, and you know what? I know I’m probably leaving “money on the table” by not doing these things or making them a part of my business model.

But I also know that I’m a bit of a hacker.

And I’m hell-bent on creating new ways of doing things differently to what everyone else does.

I never answered a phone or made phone calls when I had my hair and beauty salon business, because I didn’t want to.

When I tell people I sell 5k – 50k offers via email or messenger with a PDF or a video, and no phone calls, they’re like… “how?”

When I’ve shared about my 500k and 750k launches that I did in my group with one live video, no ads, and maybe a few extra posts and an email sent out to my list, they’re like… “what?”

I’m not a magician, I don’t think I’m clever or fancy or super-skilled.

I don’t even particularly like talking about these things publicly BUT, the message today is to be a stubborn “idiot” if you want to be, because you can do things your own way.

I just don’t want to spend my life on the phone, OR, training and managing a sales team.

I also don’t want to automate too much of my business because it feels robotic and empty and lacks human connection.

I know these things work because I have done them and made money, but, if the process or the lifestyle that comes with that doesn’t feel good to me, then I just don’t want to do it.

Because I value the way I spend my life and my time, more than I value the amount of money I make.

I know I can and will get back up to (and even over) 150k months now that I have my energy back and new offers I fully believe in.

And I’ll absolutely still learn new things from coaches and mentors and courses along the way, because I love to learn, and I love to learn from lots of different people.

I may even join this coaches program.

But I’m gonna do it my way and be stubborn and lazy and put the way things make me FEEL as the priority along the way.

And you should too.