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How to get responses from what you share

You know when you just get a weird VIBE about some people?? Even in their social media posts?

That’s their energy you’re picking up on.

If you really pay attention, you can usually tell the people that are acting from a place of selfishness, desperation, negativity or greed…

You can also tell the people who are genuinely wanting to help, add value, contribute, educate or entertain…

It’s important to know this because this means the people who are seeing & reading your posts are picking up on your energy too.

So think twice before you post.
How are you feeling?
What is your intention?
How is this post benefiting those who are seeing it?
And how is it benefiting you?

Remember, in order to get what you want, you’ve got to be offering something of value in return.

If nobody values what you’re sharing, they’re just not going to respond! 🤷‍♀️

So are you getting responses from what you are sharing (whether that be posts or ads)?
If not why do you think that is?
Not sure, get in touch, maybe I can help 🙂

Love, Carissa xo.