How to deal with assholes…

I wanted to touch on what to do when you encounter an asshole or a negative person in your life because reality is, these people are everywhere.

I chose to share this now because I recently experienced a really negative person in my life and I wanted to share my thought process around how to handle these situations with the best outcome in mind.

I was recently giving a presentation on Facebook Marketing for the Australian Beauty Collective on the Gold Coast.

I had attended the presentation still feeling unwell and needing to clear my throat a lot and having to stop with little coughing fits. At one point I was coughing and apologising when this dude said. ‘then stop talking.’

He then later made a remark about my speech and how it wasn’t relevant to him.

When something like this happens your first instinct is to feel said and think, ‘why didn’t they like me.’

Well, after years of practice, my approach to these kinds of people is different.

I now understand that these people behave the way they do because they want to feel more important.

If you can understand that and see thingd from that perspective you can start thinking things like, ‘it’s good to know I’m in a really good place and that I’m not like that,’ or even feel sorry for them and thinking, ‘dude, do you need a hug?’

Basically, if people put you down it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that they feel inadequate and crave power and control. It feeds their ego.

So if you encounter an asshole, feel sorry for them and be grateful that they showed you how not to be ;).

For the full replay, catch the video below: