Some real examples of creating an emotional connection by telling stories is what I do with my posts both in my Facebook Group and on my Instagram @coffeewithcarissa

When you become vulnerable and share some real parts of yourself, some flaws, some fears, some past lessons or failures (and I’ve had a LOT) or even things I tell myself daily to keep myself acting & feeling my best…

People who can relate to you will connect with you.

(Note: the goal is NOT to try to get everyone to connect with you, only people who do actually relate; and you will be surprised how many people do)…

Just for fun, tell me if you can relate to any or all of these challenges / experiences I’ve had so far in my life both as a human and as a business owner…

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of success
  3. Fear of asking for money
  4. Fear of upselling / rebooking
  5. Fear of following up with past clients because you think they must hate you if they never came back!!
  6. Staff not doing their job properly and fear of talking to them about it
  7. Being lied to by staff or partner
  8. Being stolen from
  9. Being emotionally controlled or manipulated (narcissistic partner, friend or family member)
  10. Alcohol or drug abuse
  11. Depression, pointlessness, inability to function or care about anyone or anything
  12. Suicidal thoughts
  13. Victim of sexual abuse
  14. Having an abortion
  15. Feeling not understood or supported by family or like they don’t care or aren’t interested in what you’re doing in your business
  16. Feeling guilty about working so much
  17. Feeling guilty for taking a break from work
  18. Being stolen from by staff (money or clients)
  19. Having so much going on inside your brain that you can’t sleep or get anything actually done because you can’t relax or focus
  20. Struggling to pay wages or rent when business is quiet
  21. Going on a payment plan or borrowing money to pay your taxes because somehow you fucked up putting aside for it and still feel like you have no idea what’s going on with your numbers
  22. Reaching a huge goal and feeling embarrassed to tell people about it because you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or you don’t want to come across as a ‘show off’ so you celebrate quietly alone but wish you had someone to share it with that would congratulate you and then encourage to go even bigger!
  23. Seeing a phychiatrist
  24. Seeing a hypnotherapist
  25. Seeing a psychologist
  26. Farting in a yoga class
  27. Getting your period on your nail technicians chair and needing to borrow her skirt to go home… 🙈
  28. Unexplainable anxiety
  29. Crying over a customer complaint
  30. Feeling like it’s all too hard and wanting to close down your business

(I’ve written content posts or made videos discussing all of these things at one point or another over the last few years of my coaching business, sharing how I dealt with and overcame each challenge whether it was business, personal or emotional)…

I could go on forever with many more but if you can relate to any of them, feel free to reply and let me know which ones.

(And let me know if by knowing that I’ve been through these experiences too you feel a little bit closer to me as a human being in anyway, because we have this in common)…

And then, go and share a story of a challenge you have been through with your followers or clients and ask them if they have been through the same or can relate…

(Make sure though that when sharing the story of the challenge you experienced, that you focus heavily on the solution or how you got past it / through it – otherwise it can just come across as complaining or wanting sympathy vs showing up as someone who understands their problems and can help them through them)