Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do, so many options in your mind, so many decisions to make…

That you just go around and around and around in your head overthinking everything so much that you don’t DO ANYTHING!?

It’s called analysis paralysis and it’s just another form of procrastination…

(It can be especially bad for those of us who have tonnes of ideas and chronic shiny object syndrome)!

There are several simple ways to beat it and overcome it though, and I’m going to share with you some of the top ways that have helped me to build multi 6 & 7 figure businesses at the same time as my thoughts acting like a roller coaster that never stops.

1️⃣ Pen and Paper are your best friend if you have a brain like this!! 🧠

If you keep it all inside your head all the thoughts get tangled up like a big pile of old jewellery you shoved in a box years ago and when you try to untangle it you find yourself getting so frustrated you become tempted to rip the fucking thing apart and eventually just shove it back in the box and give up.

By writing down all your ideas, plans, decisions you need to make – you are able to SEE them clearly in front of you and it allows you to remove the tangle from your mind.

2️⃣ Once you’ve done your brain dump 💩 you then need to remind yourself what your primary goal is right now.

And you want to circle or highlight the ideas or projects that are actually going to get you closer to that goal.

If your goal is to increase sales for the week, then things like “writing an ad”, “emailing your database” and “following up with leads” would be good things to prioritise…

Whereas things like “update the about section on website” are probably not going to help you make sales quite as fast.

3️⃣ Make yourself a new (small) list of between 1-3 things to focus on that are all going to get you closer to your current goal, put the rest aside for now, it will still be there later… 📝

And give yourself a timeframe for each thing. Book in the time to do it in your calendar and stick to it (this is where practicing self discipline comes in)! ⏳

Because I have young kids, I usually set myself a “one thing per day” goal and as long as I get one productive activity done per day, I feel accomplished and know I am making progress toward my current goal. ✅

Does this help?

Do you have any other strategies or tips to help with analysis paralysis?
Love, Carissa xo.