How I use Instagram for business

A bunch of people have been asking about Instagram lately.

I would not consider myself an Instagram expert in any sense.

I’m way more Facebook marketing savvy.

Although I do use Instagram and I do use Instagram to get leads for my business.

So that’s growing my email list, growing my Facebook group, and of course, getting people to fill out their details because they’re interested in one of my courses or programs.

I don’t promote anything actually promotional on Instagram really.

On Facebook I share results that my clients are getting inside my business, well that’s most of what my marketing is really – just showing off screenshots of client results.

But I don’t do any of that Instagram.

The way that I kind of use it is – and I did the same exact thing in my beauty salon and in my coaching business – where I just kind of share stuff that I like.

Because I know my ideal clients are like me.

I want to attract people into my life and business that are like me.

People that are a bit weird, inappropriate, like to have fun, and be a bit crazy but also really serious about growing a successful business and will do whatever it takes and isn’t going to stop themselves.

I do post pictures of myself because I am my own brand but I would classify myself as an influencer and have only pictures of myself and do modelling photos and all that.

We do take some of my but I usually accompany them with a blog post that is about a certain topic or answering a certain question that someone has asked me or telling a story of how a client overcame something or how I overcame something.

So everything that I post on Instagram is based on…

Ooohhh – watch the full video to hear all the juicy details!