How I create online courses

So I just wanted to show you how I create my online courses.

It’s really, really simple.

I thought it had to be me on camera for a lot of the trainings and I put it off for a long time when I started.

I thought I was constantly going to have to get dressed up and made up every day, filming heaps of videos of myself.

While some people do that, and that’s an option, I find it easier for me, when I’m teaching to not be on camera.

I like being on camera for my content marketing videos but for my actual teachings and trainings I feel like I can teach better when I’ve prepared slides so I don’t forget what I’m talking about.

I don’t know, I get more in the zone when I’m not focused on a camera looking at me if that makes sense?

But this is what works for me…

Watch the full video of the latest Coffee With Carissa Episode to see how easy it really is!