How do you want to be remembered?

Who do you want to be remembered as?

This is the question I ask myself when I start to become confused or unclear on the direction that I’m headed in or what I’m working on what I should do next.

Being a really creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur, as i know so many of my clients are, I often find myself wanting to do a million things at once.

I often find myself going back and forth thinking about this is what I SHOULD be doing versus this is what I actually WANT to do.

As a creative there NEEDS to be a balance between SHOULD and WANT in order to keep a healthy flow and productivity in your business.

I always find if you get lost along the way, if you’re really not sure of which direction you’re going in, and you have lost passion, love and excitement along the way for what you do on a daily basis – sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of what you want to remember when you look back on your life?

What do you want to remember yourself as?

What do you want to remember your achievements as?

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Love, Carissa xo.