how do you feel about selling your products and services?

Are you totally confident and thinking thoughts like: “yes, this will really help my audience / clients and be exactly what they want and need, so of course I’m going to tell them about it!”

Or are you more like: “eeek, I might annoy people if I offer them things or ask if they want to buy it or if I run too many ads or promotions or send too many emails etc”

I’m going to be totally honest with you here and tell you that personally I alternate between both of those thought patterns frequently.

In fact, it is a DAILY WAR inside my brain to continually choose confidence in any area of my life.

Any time I make a video or write a post, and especially when I launch a new course or coaching program or event or book… there is a part of me that is like “don’t do it, you might annoy people”

But then the other part of me that is like “but Carissa, you can’t actually really help them unless they pay you because remember, people don’t deeply value FREE” (it’s true they don’t).

There is a saying I love that goes “when people pay, they pay attention – and when people pay MORE, they pay MORE attention…”

If you think about purchases you have made in your life, I’m sure you will agree.

When you spend a lot of money on something, you tend to give it more love and energy and take care of it better… however, when something is really cheap or free, you often don’t really look after it well or get the most out of it…

A good example is a cheap gym membership vs a personal trainer…

If I’m paying $80 per session I am going to show up to exercise!

If I’m paying $18 per week… even if I have “unlimited group fitness classes and 24/7hr access included” pfffftt… I’m sleeping in…

But usually, this fear of selling that myself and many people I’ve met both share, normally comes from a deep fear of rejection…

Maybe because someone you loved so deeply in the past broke up with you and shattered your heart…

Maybe because you were left out of groups or picked on in school.

Maybe because you so deeply craved your parents praise and approval and you never got it…

You may have learned subconsciously over time that it’s safer to play small and there’s less risk of being hurt or being told “no” if you never ask or never act…

It’s a bit sad really, isn’t it?

When you realise you could be helping so many more people but the fear of being rejected by some of them holds you back from trying to help any of them…

So my question to you today is, do you know that you should be more confidently selling your products and services??

It really is the only way you are going to make more money and get ahead financially.

Is it scary?

Well, it can be if you let fear win and focus on the people that aren’t going to like you or what you have to offer them (it’s guaranteed to happen so you’ve just got to accept it really).

If you own a business, you NEED to confidently know (and remind yourself daily) that your products and services are going to change people’s lives, and with that mentality, act as the expert at what you do and tell your people what you have got for them and why they need it and what it’s going to do for them…

This is something that I have decided to start practicing more myself, in a sort of “sales experiment” for a new program I want to launch later this year, which is all about successful and feel good selling.

And I’m letting you know about it now, because, in my emails and posts from now on, you might start to notice more offers from me in the P.S section at the end of some of them.

You are absolutely in no way obligated to buy anything I might offer, you are most welcome to just continue to read my emails and watch my free tips and stories and posts etc

Or you are also totally welcome to unsubscribe at any time if you never want to hear from me again and don’t want my help.

It’s your life! You’ve gotta make the choices that are right for you!

(Actually, on my instagram @coffeewithcarissa I am starting to share more business, mindset and manifestation reminders lately – the things I tell myself remind myself of regularly to stay focussed on the right things & stay in a positive headspace & high vibe – because people keep asking me how I do that)

So if you’re not connected with me on insta yet, come on over and connect and turn on notifications so I can do my best to keep you feeling good and productive more often 🙂

And I’d love to know how you feel about SELLING currently too, is what I spoke about above something you can relate to?

Let me know.

Love Carissa xo