I had an email today from a beautiful, talented entrepreneur who knows she is holding herself back from growth due to fear, and feelings of not being worthy of the life that she wants to live…
And I replied to her email telling her this:

Aww xxxxx, I love you thank you for your honesty, and truly it has been a hard journey for me to give myself permission along the way to step into the life I now live.

I have worked with many many coaches and mentors myself to help me get to the place I am at now so I do understand how challenging it can be.

I think my primary piece of advice for you in regards to not valuing your own time or worth, is to actually continually take the focus OFF YOURSELF.

This is what works best for me when I start to doubt myself or feel anxiety or low self worth etc (which still happens to me a lot).

Ok so what I suggest you try is that you FOCUS ON THE RESULT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CLIENTS and create a mission that is bigger than yourself.

That is actually how you get everything for yourself along the way.

I don’t wake up every morning thinking “I need to get more clients and make more money” , actually, sometimes I do…

But then I go into fear / panic / self doubt mode, which is why I switch it around to:

“I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE GROW THEIR BUSINESSES AND IMPROVE THEIR LIVES” and then that becomes the motivation for my marketing and advertising, because I know I can’t help anyone if I keep everything to myself and wait for people to find me…

Make sense?

Do you have a current goal for “I want to help X amount of people to achieve Z result?” 💕

Love, Carissa xo.