How are you changing the world?


And there are some days where I’m OFF and literally everything is a struggle. Getting out of bed. Making food. Showering etc. Everything feels hard.

And it’s been this way literally my entire life.

I used to feel bad about it. Almost guilty.

People would say things like “stop working so hard or so much or you’ll burn yourself out”…

But if you’re a creative person obsessed with your “art” no matter what it is, you literally cannot just stop and walk away when you’re in the zone.

That place is the best!

The excitement, enthusiasm, speed, momentum, when your eyes light up and your heart speeds up and you can’t possibly bring all the ideas to life fast enough and you forget to eat and you don’t know or care what time it is and you don’t want to sleep because YOU WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

And then you wake up one morning not being able to function and wonder if they were right and you’ve gone and burned yourself out again…

But I’ve decided over the years that that’s a load of horse shit. 🐴 💩

If you’re a creative genius, a mad scientist, a messy artist, a passionate writer… you just can’t live that “normal” balanced life.

At least not in the traditional sense where you achieve perfect balance each individual day… is that even what balance means??


It’s a very “in the moment” type of thing, and people that don’t have that spark of madness will probably never truly understand…

If you’re a real true creator then there is no work / life balance because your work is your art and your art is your life!

And this is where the fun part happens, and what I (thankfully) realised at an early age…

Is that my true talent and excitement and passion and zest for life happens in those crazy moments of “insane-mode” (I want one of those tesla cars that has this for the adrenaline rush omg) 🤤

BUT I know that to have a steadily growing and successful company and “balanced” life I need other people around me who are good at the things I’m not good at, or that are taking up my time and preventing me from moving forward.

Like, the things that need to happen the same way every day or week or follow a process… that shit is not my bag, baby.

But I know to other people it is!

And that’s why it’s important that people are different and we all work together to use our individual strengths and talents to make the magic!

That’s where the balance happens…

The yin and the yang. ☯️

There is no way I could have reached the level of success that I have if I didn’t realise and act on the fact that I CANNOT DO EVERYTHING MYSELF.

And even when people might want YOU for everything (clients, staff, partners, kids, parents, friends) you’ve got to realise that it’s trying to be and do everything for everyone all by yourself that’s going to burn you out!

You need to be able to say no to the things that are holding you back from reaching your dreams & living your truth.

Everyone else always survives and is totally ok!!

Do you think I would have been able to have multiple stores and travel the world if I had of listened to those few clients who only wanted ME to do their hair & their spray tans?

I would have never left my garage!

To me, my balance is achieved in approximate monthly cycles.

Some days ON some days OFF.

Some days full of beans!
Some days on the couch.
Some days with family.
Some days at the office.
Some days with clients.
Some days by myself.
Some days GREAT!
Some days, shit happens.

But it’s always perfect and balanced and as it should be.

Some days words spill out of me just like this when I decide to be raw, real, vulnerable and authentic…

And other days I can’t for the life of me think of what to write to caption a photo so I just use an emoji. 🤗

So let the crazy out people!!!

Don’t try and fit yourself into a box or mould or lifestyle that just isn’t “you”…

And don’t try and do everything yourself, because in doing so, you’re actually holding yourself back & keeping yourself small…

Identify the things that light you up! 💡

Identify the things that don’t.

And find people who are lit up by the things that need to be done but that you do not want to do.

No joke. My cleaner LOVES TO CLEAN!

(I look at a vacuum cleaner, immediately feel exhausted and need to sit down).

And if you’re someone who currently thinks you can’t afford help… simply start changing that thought to “what can I do so that I can afford help”

And “how can I NOT afford help!?”

Hiring someone doesn’t mean you have to go straight for a full time qualified employee.

It might be paying a friends school age kid $10/hr to do your washing for some extra pocket money (I’ve done that)!

Or getting a virtual assistant to help with your emails & FB messages just 1-2 hours per day to begin with! (I’ve done that too)!

I used to see the money I spent on personal training sessions as ‘just 4 spray tans per week’

Or hiring my business coach as ‘one course per month’

Or my salon team members as ‘2 full heads of extensions per week’ but by having them there we could do so many more!

I needed those amazing people in my life and I continue to need them… and you need them too if you want to live your dream life..

As a creator, as a free spirit, you need spend your life doing the things you are best at and that you love. 💜

Use that magical brain of yours to change the world. 🌎

Love, Carissa xo.