When you need a reminder of what you should actually be focussing on in your business, save and come back to this one… IF I WAS RUNNING A REAL BUSINESS I WOULD BE:

1️⃣ Working on my marketing first thing in the morning, making sure I’m growing my audience as well as communicating with them in a way that interests them, helps to educate and connect with them, and that calls in the right people, the people who get you, vibe with you and what you do, and who want to learn from you, also allowing those people to know what they can do if they want your help or want what you’re offering…

2️⃣ I’d then be checking messages and chatting with people who were interested in more information, prices, or making a purchase or appointment… I’d be helping them secure their result by giving them the payment options / links and getting them started or secured.

3️⃣ I’d then be focussing on delivering to my clients, serving them, giving them what they wanted to buy, making sure they know how to use it, checking in with them and seeing how they’re going and if they need anything else or any extra help (not selling, caring)!

And then I’d repeat that every day, until it got TOO MUCH for me to do all on my own, in which case I would then start hiring people who could take over each of those different areas of what needs to be done in the business, or at least the ones that needed to be done but that I didn’t enjoy doing the most…

So that I could focus on doing the parts that I loved and that made me feel good, and so that I would know that the other parts were being done properly too. I would give these new people easy instructions to follow, and make sure they knew what to do, felt confident in doing it, and also that they knew that they were appreciated and doing a good job regularly.

When all of those main parts of my real business were taken care of, I would then start looking at the numbers, or, (let’s be real) I would hire someone to help me look at my numbers because I suck at looking at numbers, and I would think about ways to improve them, increase them…

Including; attracting more people to the brand, encourage more of those people to reach out to me for help, find out what those people want and need and let them know how I could help them and what I’d recommend for their personal situation.

And, I’d repeat that process.

Eventually, I’d have great people doing all the things, and I would have time to see the business from a bird’s eye view. I’d be able to come up with new ideas, chat to my team and clients to make sure they’re happy and ok, and I’d be able to start new projects that match my passions and could further help my audience and clients and team.
And that’s how I’d run a real business.

Let me know if you’d like help actually doing all of these things.