Here’s why I don’t believe in staff targets…

Here’s why I don’t believe in staff targets…

I believe that employees should do the JOB they are hired for, and that you as the business owner need to make it super easy for them to do it to the standard you desire.

For example, if the team members JOB is to ask every client if they want to buy a product, on top of providing the client with a fantastic service and experience – then, they should be doing that.

If you have exactly what you need from them CLEARLY documented including even the exact wording to use when talking to your clients, and they agree to that position description – then, that is what they should be doing.

IF on the other hand, you tell your team “you need to make 4X your wage in order to keep your job so you have to sell more products”

If I was that employee I would be like “wtf – how am I supposed to do that?”

AND I would feel pressure, which might make me feel like shit, or scared, or even resentful, and that would not allow me to focus on actually giving the client a good experience, because I would be too worried about making the sale and feeling like I’m pressuring them to buy, and then they wouldn’t buy because they could feel my nervousness…

Does that make any sense?

I never set targets that my team needed to reach, because I know that you can’t force people to buy things, and if we had a week where nobody wanted to buy any products, then the team would feel shit because they didn’t reach their targets.

For sure, you can find out what your clients want and need, and offer them a product that is going to help them get that result, and you can train your team to do that too, but sometimes, people just don’t want to buy stuff… and I don’t believe in forcing them to.

I believe that you as the owner should take full responsibility for the results your team members bring to your business.

It comes down to how easy & clear you have made it for them to do their job. How appreciated they feel, and how good YOU are at marketing your business in order to get the customers coming in and coming back in…

I want my team to enjoy their work, not feel pressured by it.

If I know my business needs to make $XXXX per week to be profitable, I am going to sit down and come up with a plan of what we need to do to reach that.

Get more clients?
Get them coming back more often?
Get them spending more?
Offer a new limited time package or deal?

Then, break it down into a plan and clear instructions for people to follow, and monitor the results and progress as we go.

We can set some GOALS as a TEAM and work together to achieve them…

But I would make sure everyone was involved and everyone was clear on exactly what to do and I wouldn’t set the goals too far out of reach either.

What do you think of this approach? Agree? Disagree?

I know it depends on the business owner and the team members, some people might like targets.

I always personally found they caused more challenges, stress and negative energy than they were worth.

When I know my team are doing their job well and I give them praise and gratitude for it, that’s what motivates them to do better xo

And THAT is what keeps the business growing.

Love, Carissa xo.