Have you ever thought about something and then it happened?

You might say to yourself, “I hope that client cancels today, I am feeling extra tired.”

A few moments later, they contact you and cancel! 😱

Creepy, right? 👀

You may think it’s a coincidence. However, the majority of the time it’s not.

What you think about literally becomes your reality because thoughts are energy. Wherever you are directing your energy, the universe/god (whatever you believe in 🙇🏼‍♀️) absorbs it as, “I’ll have more of that thanks!”

It’s important to be aware of this because if you want your life to go differently, you must first change your thoughts. 🤔

So instead of,

“I never have enough money in the bank!”


“I love it when unexpected money flows to me.”

And watch the magic unfold.


What is one positive affirmation you are going to start writing out every day?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo