If you’re a bit of a creative mess with 70,000 projects going on at once and never ending new ideas that keep interrupting the existing ones, it can be super easy to get really fucking overwhelmed.

This has been my pattern for most of my entrepreneurial life:

1. Have new idea that excites the shit out of me.

2. Start working on it with glee.
3. Remember all the other things I have already started that I need to continue working on.
4. Have a bit of a brain meltdown trying to think of what I should actually be doing.
5. Start working on something else, and then something else, and have ALL the tabs open.

6. Realise I’ve done it again and have put way too much on my plate, have a bit of a mini shutdown and feel like running away / cancelling everything / hiding.

7. Grab a pen and paper and brain dump it all out of my head.
8. Choose to work on the thing I WANT to work on for a bit first, so my creativity can feel fulfilled, and then do more of the things I NEED to work on (the other way around actually kills my creative flow and energy and makes things feel heavy).

It’s like a constant circle, it keeps happening, and any time I have tried to change it for too long at a time I just end up depressed. Like, really depressed.

And so, this is yet another part of my “business bi polar” crazy creative personality that I have instead come to love and accept and “roll with” now that I can see it as a predictable pattern.

But the important part here is, when you get to the brain shut down / feel like running away / like everything is just TOO MUCH AND TOO HARD, to realise that, hey, I’ve been here before. 

Many times. I’ve gotten through it. 

It’s actually not as bad as my mind is telling me it is.

Change your thoughts = change the way you feel.

You’ve got to start telling yourself “I’ve got this” rather than “WTF am I doing, this is too hard”.

You’ve got to take a moment to take a breather and go within and think about your thoughts. Get yourself away from a computer or phone or book or journal and just BE for a little while, as long as it takes. Sometimes this might be a few minutes, maybe a few hours or days…

Once you’re starting to feel in control again, grab that pen and paper and get it all out.

All of the things you’re working on.
All of the ways you’re feeling.
The things you NEED to do vs the things you WANT to do (it’s important to allow yourself to do both).

The things that need to be done soon vs the things that can wait or be put aside for later.

The things that will actually help you get results and grow your business vs the things that are just fun or nice.

Once everything you are thinking and working on is OUT of your head and you can SEE it in front of you, it doesn’t seem so scary, or so big, or so overwhelming.

The antidote to stress is surrender.

Accept what is.

Come back to the present moment.

Do one thing at a time.
Let go of the feeling that everything needs to be done right now, today, this moment.

You get your shit together by choosing to take responsibility for where you are and who you are and what you’re going to do next.

It doesn’t need to be as hard as you think it is.

Change your thoughts to tell yourself that it’s not hard, it is what it is, and that you’ve got this.


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