How to get customers coming back and buying more from you

I just had to share this perfect example with you right now of getting clients coming back and buying more from you.

Suzi, (Beauty In The Bilbs in Yarrabilba) who txt me this, actually does my nails, and she has read some of my ebooks too. The “Girls Just Want To Have Fund$” ebook in particular talks about what I am sharing with you today.

I was so impressed with her messages because I have never actually had a nail salon or technician follow up with me before ever, and so I would always forget to book in for a refill, and my nails would always be super grown out and breaking before I got around to booking in again.

It’s important to understand that a lot of your customers are not booking back in from you or buying more from you for the exact same reason.

It’s not that they hate you, or don’t want to come back.

It’s just that they are busy with their own lives and it can be really difficult sometimes to remember to make appointments and a lot of people put things off until the last minute or until they can’t put it off any longer.

There is nothing wrong with this, it just is, it’s how a lot of people are. Myself included.

The fact that it was via SMS and she asked me if I was feeling better is AMAZING too because it shows that it’s personal and that she cares.

(We are friends on Facebook and she saw my status about being sick).


In fact the sooner you start seeing people as people, and not labelling them as clients, staff, etc – the better relationships you’ll be able to have with everyone!

And the better your relationships, the better your life is.

Often, the EASIEST way for you to make more money in business is to focus more time and energy on your existing clients.

Simply reaching out, seeing how they are, asking if they need anything (without actually offering or trying to sell them anything directly) is an amazing way to do business, and simply just be a kind, caring human at the same time…

And that’s what gets people actually WANTING to come back and do more business with you!

And, it also gets them referring you to others, like I am doing now, emailing you & telling you how awesome her service is (and her nails too btw, they are amazing).

I put a pic of them up on my instagram a couple of weeks ago @carissahillofficial

So, if you’re needing to get some extra business happening at any time, seriously, try something as simple as this, it really works.

You really don’t need to over-complicate business.

The more you just care about people and try to help them, the more successful you’ll be.

Let me know if you’re going to try it – screenshots below!!

Carissa xo