If you want to manifest new clients into your business, I want to share with you the method I use which has worked for me over the last 2 years to bring hundreds of clients and millions of dollars into my business.

The first time I did this, I set my goal for 200 new clients in a year, and I ended up reaching that in less than 6 months! I had to print out more sheets!
(And I ended up having my first 7 figure year in business).

This video was made 29 March 2016.

This photo was taken 11 May 2016.
(That’s an extra 50 clients in 1.5 months).

The way this works is a couple of different ways:

  1. I am crystal clear on exactly how many new clients I desire and expect to sign up to my program. (Wolfpack Mastermind).
  2. I am taking action towards making it a reality and making space & looking forward to welcoming my new clients.
  3. I am expressing gratitude for each client who joins and by seeing their name daily I think about them, appreciate them and care for them.
  4. It subconsciously (and consciously) reminds me of my goal so I stay focussed on activities in my business that help to reach it.


If you want to show me a picture of your list once it’s up, please do, I’d love to see. 🙂

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