The first time my business ran without me in it…

In this episode of #coffeewithcarissa I tell the story of the first time my business ran without me in it for 5 weeks.

I went on vacation and left my stores and everything with my team, and I actually came home with more money than I left with!!

All I did was log in once a week to do the pays.

Honestly, if I can do this you CAN do it too, and as soon as you remove yourself from your business, you have the POWER to grow it to any level that you like, because you can focus only the things that will help you keep GROWING.

Like marketing, education, advertising, sales etc etc

It’s ALL POSSIBLE. (This is everything I teach inside the Wolfpack Mastermind btw).

Anyway, check out the video if setting up your business to run without you is something you definitely want to do!

Leave a comment if you like, and let me know what you think!