Do you want your employees to:

* Do a better job.
* Care about the clients more.
* Make the business more money.
* Be happier and more positive people.
* Not have any dramas with each other.
* Enjoy working for you & want to stick around for a long time?

You need Dream Team!

If you want to build a great business then you NEED a great team.

Once you have a great team, you need to understand them, and develop them, and motivate and lead them...

So that they can do their best & be fulfilled by their job and so that you can feel comfortable and confident as a boss and great leader in your company.

The Dream Team program has been designed to be FUN and make your team members feel important, special and bring everyone closer together.

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What Is "Dream Team"?

The Dream Team Program is a series of weekly team meetings designed to improve your business & the mindset of your team members.

Every week you sit down and watch one of the dream team videos with your team, and each week you will find your team more motivated and doing a better job.

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Why did I create Dream Team?

I decided to create the Dream Team program because I KNOW there are so many business owners out there right now who were once where I was, who have a great team but who just don't know how to get the most out of them, or how to keep them motivated and doing their best...

I wanted to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for them to improve their work environment, help their staff to improve themselves, and also to see the results that will happen from making sure you are getting the absolute best from your employees.

I know some people get uncomfortable or don't know what to say or do during team meetings, I wanted to do the hard stuff for them. And so I did.

What results have people had so far?

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Little Luxury Team
Peta Gray
Safeera Team
Hayleigh McKnight Lewis
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How does it work?

It's so easy!

You just sign up below, and you get INSTANT access to ALL the videos and the private Facebook group.

You then book in the meeting times with your team over the next 7 weeks and sit down all together and watch the video(s) in each meeting!

There are print outs and exercises to complete together as a group, and challenges to implement in the work place each week.

After the 7 weeks, I encourage you to continue on with regular team meetings to review progress of the things learned in the Dream Team program!

What do the meetings cover??


  1. You start off with finding out what everybody actually wants in their life right now and come up with a plan for how they can achieve it via working for you...

  2. You find out each others personality type & their strengths and weaknesses, to make sure everyone is doing the things they are best at and / or seeing if they are capable of doing even more than you thought!

  3.  You find out how each team member likes to be shown appreciation and gratitude so you can make them feel like a valued part of the team.

  4. The team will learn about the different personality types of clients that visit your business and how to relate to each one and not complain about different types of people.

  5. The team will learn the important of the customer experience and participate in an exercise and challenge to improve the way they treat your customers.

  6. You will all learn about what drives each other and makes each other happy, as well as understanding how this applies to your customers as well. The team will work on improving their own lives and the lives of the clients.

  7. The team will learn about sales and the correct way to sell things to your customers in a fun and feel-good way.

    There are other little surprise bonus videos and tips and exercises throughout the program as well.



I'm so excited for you!

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"Living the dream starts with building the team"