Does your business have a purpose OTHER than money & success?

I just wanted to find out from you; does your business have a purpose OTHER than just making you money and making you successful?

In the beginning of running a business, that can be what you focus on a alot.

Getting clients.

Making sales.

Making money.

Because obviously a business needs to make money in order to be successful.

If you’re not making a profit then you’re basically dead or in trouble!

But, a lot of people, when they find themselves JUST focusing on getting money and making sales, can feel a little bit empty or a little bit unfulfilled.

You can get stressed out about it quit quickly when the money side of things isn’t necessasrity going the way you want it too.

Which happens.

Business will go up and down – it’s a bit of a rollarcoaster ride.

However, if your business has a purpose that is something BIGGER than you, then that can make you feel not only more fulfilled in your business, but also keep you pushing and keep you going when you’re feeling a little bit flat or empty.

Learn more about PURPOSE by watching the video and then reply with what YOUR ultimate purpose is xo.