Do you trust your team members?

Do you trust your team members?

The reason being is that you WILL attract what you focus on and if you want to have trustworthy team members who do right by you, then you have to trust them!

If you don’t trust them, they are going to sense that and they are going to do things that break your trust.

You really have to give trust FIRST to each new person you meet.

Never project the wrong doings of someone else onto any new person you meet or new team member that starts.

It’s not until you completely trust someone, appreciate and value them, that they will become your most amazing team member yet!

So many business owners struggle with trusting their teams bacause to the business owner, trusting means opening themselves up to certain risks, disappointments and errors.

In my personal experience, the moment you let go of all these fears and concerns around TRUST all your trust problems will disappear.

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