Do you only ever talk about yourself?

The reason why I made this video is because this used to be me! I didn’t know I did this until someone pointed it out.

And now, if your currently the past version of me, I want to be the one to point it out to you.

This video was made with the intention of opening up your eyes to if you might do this. So don’t take offence, just take notice.

It’s not a bad thing to talk about yourself, people are interested in you, and it’s usually when they actually ask about you.

It’s really important to remember that generally, people only care about themselves more then they do other people.

If you find yourself in a conversation with someone and they don’t ask you questions, often times that means that they don’t really care or they’re just not interested.

I remember that for most of my school years, I was always the quiet one who kept to herself. And it wasn’t until towards the end of high school that I finally found a group of friends that I felt comfortable around to be myself.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was told by one of my friends that I always talk about myself and never asked about anyone else. Probably because I had been quiet for most of my school years, but still.

It was something that continued well into my twenties, where I would randomly meet people and word vomit my life or talk over people and never ask about them.

It really wasn’t until someone pointed it out that I was able to become aware of what I was doing that I was able to make changes. . .

Watch the latest Coffee With Carissa Episode to find out how I made those changes and how you can too!

Love, Carissa xo.