Do you have these sabotaging money beliefs too?

Today, we are talking about MONEY MINDSET!

Recently, I asked a very important question:

Are you aware of any money blocks, fears or beliefs that are holding you back from allowing you to make more money?

And what are they?

The amount of replies I had to this kind of blew my mind.

Some of them actually made me angry – not at the people but at the situation.

It’s so hard to watch people sabotaging their situations and opportunities because of their thoughts and beliefs around money!

The good news is there are solutions to every block.

The most powerful solution being that in order to break through the money block or fear around money, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and feel uncomfortable for a bit.

In this video I take you through a few real life money blocks and fears and share with you my tips and advice to overcome them.

If you’re struggling with old money stories and money blocks, it’ll be worth watching the video – you might be surprised how common your block is and how easy it is to fix!