Do you deserve time for yourself?

Every month this happens.

I have a day once a month booked in to get my nails, waxing & facial done. It’s a “me day”

And every time it comes along, I am always in a state of feeling “busy” like there’s other things I need or have to do for my business…

And every time I remind myself that the fact I commit to this day once a month is because I need it & because I start feeling like this if I don’t give myself the break…

The work can always wait.

I deserve this time for myself.

So do you!

If you’re feeling stressed or like there’s too much to do! The answer is not in doing more.

It’s in doing less for a while.

If you’re an obsessive high achiever you NEED to force yourself to commit to it.

Also, set your intentions for each day.

Stop pushing. Start flowing.

Love, Carissa xo.