The only shot we could see of bub’s face yesterday during the 21 week Ultrasound, and he made a little love heart for us with his hands!! πŸ’™

Incase you didn’t see the video yet on my instagram @coffeewithcarissa – we are having another little BOY! 🌟

So far from the scans he looks nothing like Jayden and I am EXTRA excited to meet him and see his little face!!

He has given me his name, over and over again every time I doubt it, it comes back stronger again into my mind.

Starting to get to the part of pregnancy where it gets uncomfortable to fall asleep and gets a little difficult to get up off the ground & put shoes on.

The nausea and fatigue has stopped (yay) and I am feeling energetic again most days as long as I get some sleep!

This new soul is bringing with him some STRONG ENERGY (I can even see my belly moving from the outside already) and am processing interesting emotions daily that I don’t know if they’re mine or his.

I feel like this little one is going to bring us a lot of adventures.

I love you too my little star-child xo πŸŒ™