There’s no such BS as ‘slow months’ – here’s my #rant about why.

So many business owners complain about slow months, slow times, slow periods in business at certain times of the year…

And they justify it with reasons like “it’s school holidays, they are busy with kids, people have no money after xmas, everyone is waiting to get their tax refund back” etc etc the list goes on.

This is all 100% false. There is never any such thing as a “slow period” in business.

The truth is, people will always buy things that they really want, no matter what time of year it is.

If you present an irresistible enough offer to somebody, something they REALLY want or need, and it’s available for a certain time only, and they simply would feel stupid to say no to it, then they will buy it.

The thing is, people’s wants and needs can and do change throughout the year, and, it’s up to you to change with them, find out what people do actually want, and then offer something different than what you usually sell.

For example, if you own a hair salon, and you find that during school holidays, your clients don’t come in because they are at home with their kids…

it might be a good time to run a promotion for kids hair cuts or “back to school with a new style for your teen”… incentivising the parent to introduce their children as future new clients to your business also.

You might even introduce a limited time “fresh family” package which offers a slight discount for a limited time that rewards the whole family by visiting the salon together…

One of my clients started introducing late night appointments during school holidays for mums who wanted to visit after the kids were in bed, so they could have some time alone to themselves to relax and wind down.

The truth is, people always want SOMETHING…And as a business owner (if you want to be successful) it is up to you to find out what that something is, and be prepared to be different, to chop and change, to mix up what you normally offer, and offer things that people actually WANT.

And if you don’t know what people want… ASK THEM!!

Send out an email with something like “hey ……. I just wanted to ask you a quick Q, we noticed that during the month of January most years our business really slows down, and many of our regular clients don’t make appointments this time of year…

I am just curious as to what you normally do in January (after the xmas and NYE crazy season) as I was just thinking about this and wanted to find out actually what you get up to and how you normally feel at this time of year?

If you have a spare minute & could hit reply and let me know real quick that would be so awesome, I am just really curious!”

Then, when people tell you what goes on in their lives and how they feel at that time of year, you can have a think about what you could offer them to make their life easier or better during that period, and get to work!Or, you could actually reply and ask them what they would want at that time of year, and put something together based on your findings!!


Become interested in people. Ask about them. Stop thinking about yourself and what you want for a minute and start focussing on what your clients want.

(And stop always trying to go after new clients. It is so much easier to focus on offering more to people who already love you and want more from you)!


Will you dig deeper into your ‘quiet months’ and ask your clients for feedback?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo


Here’s how to live your dream life with ease…

In order to live the life you want to live… you first of all need to be crystal clear on what that looks like.

If you can’t visualise and write down a description of how you want your days to go… then you’ll not be able to make it happen.

Most people live their lives in a constant state of reaction not creation.

They react to everyone and everything around them… they consume other people’s perspectives, ideas, opinions, news & thoughts FAR MORE than they create their own!!!

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you need to prioritise spending time DREAMING!!!

And then giving yourself permission to live your dream.

To do whatever you need to do to bring it to life!

Today: Grab a pen & paper & write down how you want the rest of your day to go, and then have the strength & self discipline to make it happen.

If you’re ever unhappy about anything in your life… ONLY YOU have the power to change it. 🌙🐺


Let go of the uncontrollable – and THRIVE!

Have you ever tried to make someone to be a certain way, just because it’s what you wanted? 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

Today’s reminder is, instead of trying to control other people which you can not do no matter how hard you try.

Work on controlling how you show up in those moments with and for that person. 😍

Their journey is their journey.

Your journey is your journey. 😃

Even if the situations you face do not go the way you want them to, you are only in control of how you react to those moments. 👌

Remember to stay focused on the life that you want to live and surrender control to the rest of the world around you. 🙏


Once you’ve watched the video, reply and let me know what’s one thing, person or situation that you have been trying so hard to control that you are now ready to let go of?

Love, Carissa xo



Have you forgotten why you’re here?

Have you forgotten why you are here, living in this epic world? 🌏

This is your reminder that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. 🙇‍♀️

There isn’t just this physical side of life. 🤯

Everything that unfolds in front of us is a spiritual lesson in one way or another.

We get so caught up in the physical aspects of life.

The stress of things such as, he said she said, how much money you need, what you need to get done by the end of the week. 😩

Sometimes you need to just take a moment and zoom out on your life and realise you are a tiny spec playing your role in this massive galaxy.

You are here to enjoy your life and live your life for you.

At your own pace, in your own way, just for you. 😘

When you zoom out – what do you see?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo



Throw the old school business strategies out tha window!

If you’re someone who HATES structure and routine and predictability (like moi)…

and the thought of it makes you feel heavy and a little bit dead inside…

Then… what if you decided to just throw all of it away and live by your instinct and intuition… the way you know you were meant to… ???

Of course, with a business, in order for it to operate at its peak potential… you NEED structure and predictability, for the team, for the clients, for the tracking of progress, for the delivery of results & experience etc

However, YOU… you crazy creative genius you… can feel like your soul is literally being squeezed to death when you have too much predictability and not enough room for random ideas and exciting new possibilities…

I know that if I ever try to “plan” any promotions or marketing strategies out in advance…

by the time it gets to them, I start acting like a kid who doesn’t want to go to school or do their homework…

“But I don’t wanna… You can’t make me… I wanna do something FUN!”

Which is yet another reason WHY I have always felt the need, even if I didn’t really understand the deep reason why, to set up my business to run without me doing the work…

So that I can have the TIME to choose whatever I feel called to do, but so I know that the business is operating the way I want it to without me needing to do anything…

And surprisingly (or not) that is what actually keeps the business GROWING!!

Because I know, my strength, my zone of genius, is NOT doing the day to day things that needs to be done…

It’s being able to come up with an idea and think “OOH, I am going to do that RIGHT NOW because I CAN”

Rather than thinking, “fuuuuuuu, I can’t do that yet because I’ve got allll these other things I need to do first!”

It’s feeling that surge of inspiration and motivation and flow and ROLLING WITH IT…

So, if you are this person, you suck at consistency, you really just want to have the freedom to be in your zone of crazy creative genius…

You better prioritise systemising your business and finding people who can run the parts of the biz that make you feel like death so you can focus on the one thing in the world that matters most to you…

Your art.

– – –

P.S.This is what I am here to help you to do…

if you haven’t had a look at the WolfPack Mastermind website and info pack yet, check it out, or give it a second thought if you already have…

If you’re anything like me, you can’t go on forever trying to figure it all out yourself, and I’ve made it so easy for you overcome all your “issues” – staff, marketing, sales, self doubt, hiring, retention etc… inside this program…

Hope to see you in there soon and watch your business and life transform.


If you’re feeling like crap right now – here’s how to turn that around!

Have you ever made up an imaginary argument in your head and immediately got mad? 🤬

Or have you had a dream where someone died and you woke up in tears? 😭

These are just examples of how your thoughts create your feelings.

Your thoughts are responsible for your feelings at all times. 🧐

From this point forward, whenever you are feeling a way you don’t want to for any longer…

I would love you to start to acknowledge and accept the fact that you are the one creating that feeling within yourself based on the thoughts you are thinking.

Some people struggle to wrap their brain around this because they are stuck in their ego, blaming others for how they feel instead of accepting that it is within their control to choose how they want to feel. 🤷‍♀️

Don’t get me wrong.

This takes practice to master.

However, once you do get into the habit of reminding yourself as a negative thought arises, you can instantly change how you feel. 🙏🏼

Remember that your thoughts create your reality. 🔮

Click on the picture below for the full video and then answer this:

How have you experienced your thoughts and feelings becoming your reality?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo


See more money in your bank account this month.

Hello, I’m Carissa Hill and my mission in life is to help passionate, creative, high achieving entrepreneurs like yourself to rapidly build a successful business and live a happy life.

I wrote this short book to help you make more money in your business, in a FUN and feel good way, as quickly as possible (this week even, if you really jump in and give these things a go).

Because all parts of life should be FUN, including making money.

Most people love making money.

Money IS fun.

They say money doesn’t bring you happiness, and I completely agree that it isn’t money that brings you happiness.

Happiness is brought about by having great people in your life who you love and who love you, by knowing yourself well and spending time doing things you enjoy, by loving yourself and appreciating yourself, by having things to look forward to, by constantly educating yourself on things that interest you, by accepting everyone for their differences and not trying to control things around you, and by making money doing what you love!

A lot of people seem to feel guilty about making money or are scared of making money, which I think is a bit silly.

People love to spend money as much as they like to make it, that’s why YOU want to make more money isn’t it? So you can spend it?

Your customers love spending money too.

And this is a very important point to remember.

After all, they have come to your business specifically to spend money with you to get something from you that they want or need.

And if you have a product or service that helps someone achieve a result that they desire, then you are doing a disservice to that person by not offering it to them.

The only reason you should ever feel guilty about asking your clients for money or charging for your services, is if you are trying to scam someone or if you genuinely don’t care about providing a great service or result, you just want their money.

And if that’s you, then this book ain’t for you, honey.

Far too many business owners I have spoken to and worked with tend to have negative or limiting beliefs around making money.

Some people think that wanting to make a lot of money is greedy, or that money is evil, or that they don’t need or deserve the things that they really want, or that they were taught as children that everything nice or new was “too expensive” and they should just make do with what they have.

Or that people who have a lot of money are *$%^&@&#.

Whatever your belief around money, that’s all it is. A belief.

It’s not necessarily true. But it’s true for you, because you believe it.

And if you went and started a business, which I’m assuming you did if you’re reading this post, then deep down you probably really wanted to make some decent coin.

(You can admit it to me. I won’t judge you. In fact I’ll probably start rattling off about 100 ideas and different ways you can make more money in your business if you do tell me. I’m good like that).

Yeah business is about sharing a passion or something you are good at with the world. Yeah it’s about helping people to solve their pain or give them pleasure. Yeah it’s about making your ideas come to life and creating your own dream world for yourself…

But a business that doesn’t make money? That’s not a very successful business.

The truth is, money doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a thing. Paper. Metal. Plastic. Numbers on a screen.

The only meaning it has is the meaning you give it, which comes from the thoughts you think when you think about money.

And you can change your thoughts about money if you want to or need to. You can even make making money into a fun & exciting game!

And I am about to show you how.

Even if you choose just ONE of these methods and implement it in your business this week, I’m pretty damn confident you’ll see results in your bank account.

I use ALL of these methods in my own business and help my clients to use them too.

Are you ready to know what they are and start seeing more MONEY in your bank account this month?

Grab the ebook here:

Love, Carissa xo


Do THIS, and you’ll stop wasting time!

Are you a time waster? 

I see you, scrolling mindlessly on Facebook. 🤭

We are all guilty of it, right?

Let the procrastinator in you be gone with this epic tool I use daily! 🙅‍♀️

Intention setting, have you heard of it?

If you are an obsessed manifester like myself, you may use it to attract your desires. 🙌

But have you used it to get more out of your time?

Before I sit down to work on my business, I set intentions on what I will get out of the hour ahead of me. ✍🏼

When I do this, I find myself getting higher quality work completed than I would if I just dive into it without thinking.

Have a go of this after you watch this video and let me know how you go!



Set up your business to run without you – Here’s How…

If you’re wanting to set up your business to run without you… here’s how to start systemising your business in less than 5 minutes. 😱🙌🏼

Too many business owners aren’t growing as fast as they’d like because they are always trying to do too many things themselves! 🤦‍♀️

It is actually SO EASY to hire people to take over the things that are taking up the most of your time so that you can start focussing on growth!! 📈

But, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to do the things you need done, the way you want them to be done. 👯‍♀️

This really quick video will show you how to get started systemising your business right away and how easy it actually is to build a business that can run without you.

Reply and let me know what you think or if you have any questions! 💃

Love, Carissa xo


If you really want to GROW your business, try this!

Years ago… I stopped seeing my businesses money as ‘my money’…

I mentally separated the money the business makes with the money I make…

Because I started paying myself a wage & treating myself like an employee of the business.

This simple shift allowed me to also stop thinking that the business was me, or a part of me, and see it as something separate to me that I had created.

The business was essentially another product that I could even sell for a profit if I wanted to.

If you really want to GROW your business, and build a team, and let go of being a control freak…

This is an essential step to take.

Yes, the business is YOURS you started it, but it is not YOU.

And just like your employees, you should have a specific role & job description and payslip that plays to your strengths & expertise.

I am employed by my current company as CEO / Visionary.

Which means I make the decisions and come up with the ideas…

Everything else is done by my amazing team.

If you start to see your business this way, you can give yourself a role that never feels like work, and you can build a team to do all the things that you don’t want to do (because there are people out there who love and are good at the things that you don’t love)!

So, if you were to give yourself a title or job role in your business right now… what would it be?

Or what would you like it to be?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo