Transparency and vulnerability in business is key.

2018 is my year of transparency and vulnerability.

Like I do every year, I set a theme for the year for myself and/or my business!

This theme is something that I really want to work on and explore.

In 2017 I set the theme of spirituality.

I’ve always been someone who was interested in things like meditation, discovering my higher self, tarot cards, psychic readings and all that kind of stuff.

My intention was to document the journey and share my experiences but once I started I realised this was more of a personal journey and one I needed to take for myself, by myself.

In saying that, I explored spiritual areas such as crystals, chakras, clairvoyance, tarot cards and discovered I had a love for numerology (even though I hate numbers in every other area of life lol).

Fast forward to 2018 and this year I am all about transparency and vulnerability. Really opening up and allowing all of me to be seen.

What I’ve come to realise is that the more vulnerable you are in your business, the more you empower and inspire other people to open up and talk about these things as well, and the more healing it is for you and everyone involved!

Business is a roller coaster, there are always ups and downs. By being open and vulnerable in my business and personal life I’m really hoping to make it OK for other people to talk about things openly and really start impacting their lives and the lives of others is a positive way.

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How you can be number one in sales.

I got my nose pierced!! AND – a story about car salesmen and what you can learn from them…

I want to share 2 stories with you about 2 different types of car salesmen.

And they are 2 very different experiences.

One left us feeling really really good!

And one left us feeling really really uncomfortable.

By sharing these stories, you can then start paying attention to your sales conversations with your customers and your clients and hopefully take something away from this so that you can start making more sales and money in your business!

Car salesman 1 was super friendly and asked me a lot of questions about myself, why I’m upgrading and why I’m interested in this particular car. 

He made the conversation about me. He wanted to find out what I wanted, why I wanted it, where I’m at and when am I looking to buy.

And then he met me where I was at. Answered all my questions, went through every option and then asked me when would be a good time to follow up.

Car salesman 2 left us feeling icky. 

He didn’t ask any questions. He just assumed that because we were there to test drive the car we were there to buy.

The whole process was scripted. You could tell he went through this script over and over again.

After the test drive he never asked clarifying questions, he just started to close the sale and even asked for a deposit!

So who do you think you would be more inclined to buy your car from?

And what kind of salesperson do you think your clients would prefer to book in with or buy from?

Exactly ;).

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This is the best business skill you can have!

Probably the best business (and personal) skill you can ever develop is simply to just CARE about people!

I mean, it sounds simple, but for some reason a LOT of people seem to really struggle with it 🤷‍♀️

This is because human beings naturally care more about themselves and are more focussed on themselves than others.

But if you’re going to go and start a business… in order for it to do really well, you really do have to care more about the results your customers get from you than about what you want to get for yourself!

(Money, fame, recognition, success)

Those things are simply a side-effect of successfully delivering incredible results & value to your clients!

On top of that, you need to care about your team members too!

AND you have to realise that your clients and your team members care more about themselves than they do about you too!

Being in business is like being in the ultimate self awareness & self development journey.

And of course you do need to care about yourself too so you actually CAN care about others!

(Because when you give all of you to everyone but you, you’ll crash & burn and end up resenting people for wanting things from you all the time)!

But in really simple terms, if you want to do well in business…

If you want clients to RAVE about you and your team members to never want to leave…


And make sure they know that you do 💜


How to feel good about yourself.

It is SO important to do things that make YOU feel good about yourself & confident in yourself… not what other people want or think you should do, or what you think you should do.

For example, your clothing style…

Just because someone else (maybe someone you admire or someone else in your industry) dresses or wears their hair a certain way…

Doesn’t mean you need to dress or style yourself the same way in order to be successful.

Changing yourself in any way to try and influence the way people see you or think about you will always end up with you feeling inauthentic and unfulfilled.

I’ve never really been a very ‘girly girl’ (except for liking the colour pink)!

I really don’t care that much about makeup, hairstyles, fashion, shoes or jewellery.

I don’t even know how I ended up in the beauty industry sometimes 🤣

But – for a while I thought I had to wear a lot of makeup, and wear high heels, and curl my hair etc in order to “fit in”

It always made me feel slightly uncomfortable though!!

When I realised that I liked myself a whole lot better when I wore minimal makeup, straight hair, and clothes like printed tshirts, gym wear or maxi dresses (and flat shoes)…

I felt more confident and all round happy, and started to become far more successful in all areas of my life.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because if at any time you’re comparing yourself to anyone, or thinking you need to look, act or do anything a certain way in order to be happy & successful…

You’re wrong.

All you ever need to be is yourself.

(Sometimes in order to find what you do like though, you need to try things that you don’t).


How to make your social media more appealing to potential clients.

When was the last time you had a look at your Facebook page or Instagram account or even website from the perspective of a potential new client??? 

🌟 Does it show them how great your work is & what they can expect from working with you?

💜 Is there anything that demonstrates any sense of personality?

💃 Does it clearly show / explain what you do & who you do it for & why?!?!

Now seems like a great time to check it out!


Do You Feel Guilty For Wanting To Make More Money?

I’m curious, do you ever think about wanting to make more money and then automatically feel bad about it, selfish or guilty?

When I asked this question in the Coffee With Carissa Facebook group these were some of the most common answers;

1. Yes I feel guilty for wanting to make more when there are so many people out there who need it more than me.
2. Yes, I feel like I’m being selfish or greedy.
3. Some said no, they don’t feel guilty about making more money because it means they can help more people and do more good.
4. Yes, I don’t feel like I’m good enough or worth making more money.
5. Yes because I fear being too successful.

Do you relate to any of these answers when it comes to wanting more money?

What if you changed your perspective on money?

Rather than asking, ‘how can I sell more things to make more money?’, I invite you to ask yourself, ‘what can I do to serve more people in exchange for more money?’

See money as a side effect of providing people with massive value!

(* hint hint* read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg).

Another perspective shift you can have around money is that rather than feeling guilty about wanting more or not feeling good enough to have more, look at having more as an opportunity to do more good and help more people. Just because you’re making more in business, doesn’t mean you have to spend it on expensive things for yourself. (Although you can do that too ;P).

Lastly, fear of success is real! Start surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you up and keep you on track for success!

If you really want to address this problem head on, make sure you check the video below for the full replay:


You don’t have to be a millionaire to live your dreams 🙉🙈🙊!

Isn’t it a relief to know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to do all the things you want to do?!

Want to travel the world?

Experience new things?

Live the life of your dreams?

Well, all you need is the willingness to make the things that are most important to you a PRIORITY!

If this is something that you want to do in your life, let me share with you a few ways that have helped me to travel to over 12 different countries, and do some of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life (with not very much money)!

1. Develop a YES MAN ATTITUDE! Say yes to things that you normally wouldn’t say yes too and see where that leads you.

2. Check out the deal site! Look for the ‘best price’ for travel or experiences on places like Groupon and Scoopon, book the deal and then make it a priority to come up with the money.

3.JUST DO IT! Your business will survive without you. Getting out of your comfort zone will actually force you to become a better business owner.

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THE biggest thing that will help you reach your goals in life… is the way you think.

One of the biggest things, actually, THE biggest thing that will help you reach your goals in life… is the way you think.

You probably know this already.

But I’m telling you again because it’s so important.

If you THINK that you can do anything and that no-matter what happens in your life, you will reach your goals, some way or another… then guess what? You will reach them.

It’s been proven true again and again.

It doesn’t matter your skill levels, your background, what race or gender you were born…

There are huge success stories everywhere, from people who simply believed they could achieve things.

On the other hand… if you like the idea of reaching a goal, but you doubt the fact that you will ever reach it (you think you can’t have it) then you wont ever have it.

It really is that simple.

Mindset is EVERYTHING.

You are either inspired by successful people, or you are jealous and critical of them.

You either believe you can change, or you think you can’t.

You either see yourself as amazing, and powerful, and capable of anything…

Or you talk down to yourself and don’t see yourself as anything special.

You are either happy for other people when they are happy, or you hate them because you choose not to be happy within yourself.

Your thoughts equal your reality.

Be aware of them, always.

If you choose a bad thought, acknowledge it, and try another one.

You can retrain your brain.

You are in control of your results in life.

All you have to do is believe you are.

Let go of blame. Take responsibility.

You have made your life what it is right now, and you have the power to make a change at any time.

It all starts with thinking that you can.


$20,000 from a boosted post on Facebook (in 5 days)

SO I’ve been trying some NEW boosted post strategies lately on Facebook, and had some massive success with one of them in particular in November.

I managed to make a whopping $20,000 in sales in 5 days from a short series of boosted posts.

I did these boosted posts quite differently to how I normally do & teach them, and I thought it would be quite selfish to keep this strategy all to myself.

So if you want to know how I did it, and how you can do the same… keep reading…

What I was actually selling was a short online course at a price point of $155… However I believe you could absolutely use this method to successfully sell anything (as long as people want it).

I’ve decided to reveal my entire strategy of how I did this, and take you in behind the scenes of my ads & boosts and how I did the entire thing.

The wording, the images, the targeting, the selling…. everything…

I’ll be sharing it all LIVE inside a secret Facebook group too, so you can ask as many questions as you like.

This Live Training is scheduled for 8pm on 2nd Jan 2018 (QLD Australia AEST Time)

If you can’t be there live, YES there will be a replay you can watch and I will answer any questions asked for a few days after the training as well, so you won’t be missed if you are busy 🙂

This is an extremely rare one-time offer.

I am literally taking you INSIDE my own Facebook page and business & revealing everything!

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Sharing Your Story Will Get You NOTICED!!

The power of sharing YOUR story and being REAL is such a powerful thing.

I have built my entire business right now just off the back of my actual real life story and who I am and what I’ve done.

Recently, one of my clients in my Wolfpack Mastermind, Jessi, wrote a Facebook post sharing her story, and it immediately got picked up by a local NEWS channel and her and her business were featured on TV the very next day!!!

It was inspired by one of my other clients and team members’ Taryn Vynhalek stories, (which she has been running as an ad on Facebook and grown a very successful business from too)!

I’ll show you them here in a sec!

People go NUTS over a good story.

Stories are essentially how we as human beings communicate and form emotional connections with one-another.

Movies. Books. Speeches. Songs… stories make the world go round!

And everyone has a unique story. Including you.

Your story is unlike anyone else’s because it is your own.

After reading this I encourage you to go and share your own story.

Be real. Be vulnerable. Let people IN to your life.

Something great just might come from it xo


If you want to learn how to use Facebook ads to grow your business quickly, hop over and check out


Jessi Sexton from Wanderlust Salon & Spa –




Jessi’s story post was inspired by Taryn Vynhalek‘s original post from Honest Health Co –





SO NOW, are you going to go and tell YOUR STORY???

If so, feel free to share it into my “Coffee With Carissa” Facebook group, as I’d love to see!!!

And all inspirational stories are welcome there!