How I Made $2 Million With My Facebook Group!

I was asked to speak at an event held by Calvin Coyles on the strategy I have used over the last few years to grow my Facebook group to over 16,000 members, and how I use the group to grow my business.

Over the last couple of years my group has helped me bring in close to $3M in revenue, and it just keeps growing and helping me generate leads every single day.

I just loved speaking at this event and helping the audience to understand the power of having a Facebook group for business, and I really hope it inspires you to grow your audience of ideal clients and sell to them in a new and more *FUN* way after watching this!


I always wanted to work from home

I always wanted to build a business that allowed me to have time and freedom to spend with my kids when I had them.

I wanted a business I could choose when I worked and what I worked on and from where.

And I know a lot of other people want the same (because they tell me) but then they don’t DO the things to make it actually real.

I remember telling my mum when I was 16 that I was going to work from home. She worried and thought that I should get a ‘proper job’ and I did… for a couple of years…

But soon enough I was fully self employed, became an employer myself (actually I hired someone to help in my business before I quit my day job) and started building and running my business from home while my team serviced the clients.

The important thing to realise about this is it was a CHOICE I MADE and you can make it too.

There were always clients who only wanted me. There were always team members who preferred when I was there. There were always friends and family members who had their own opinions…

But I know what I want for MY LIFE and I know how I work best.

And that is from home, or from anywhere else (now surrounded by those beautiful babies I was going to have) xo

You can make the choice too to set up your business to allow you to work the way YOU want to. Just remember, it’s a choice. ✌

Love, Carissa xo.


Are You Focussed On The COST Or RETURN?

When you think about spending money, are you more focused on the cost, or the return?

When I got serious about improving my financial situation in my business, I had to change the way I thought about spending money…

I’d been brought up to go for the “cheaper” or best value option my whole life. I’d been taught to save, to be skeptical, and to be careful with what I spend my money on, to make “smart” choices…

However, when I became ready to go ALL IN on growth and profitability in my business, I made a huge shift in my money mindset and stopped seeing the way I spent my money as a cost (both in business & my personal life).

When I spent money on books, courses and coaches, I made sure focussed more on the end result I was going to get from implementing what I learned…

When I spent money on clothes, food & personal training, I made sure I focussed on how those things were going to make me FEEL vs how much they cost…

(Sometimes these days I buy things if I know they’ll make me feel good because I know the way I feel directly affects my results in business and just my day to day life)!

Most years I spend tens of thousands on coaching, because I know that what I learn can make me hundreds of thousands…

Sometimes I spend my money on crystals and jewellery and home decor that makes me feel good when I look at it and reminds me why I bought it (to make me feel good) and so then I feel good 🙂

Everything that you spend your money (and your time) on both has a cost and a return…

Start focusing on the return more than the cost and watch how things change from now on!

Are you doing this currently??
Or is it something you need to work on?

Love, Carissa xo.


This is how I organise my crazy brain…

My giant wall calendar is coming back out

With my shiny object syndrome scatter-brain of never ending ideas I find it REALLY USEFUL to be able to see everything that is coming up right in front of me…

It stops me from over-committing or saying “yes” to too many things.

It helps me plan out events and marketing and meetings and business things in advance (and not forget about them)…

And it makes me feel like a ‘proper’ business owner… whatever that is…

I also use google calendar, but more for the ‘day to day’ things I have to do and I use 10,000 journals all at once (by my bed, in my bag, in the car, in the office, under the pram) for any time I need to remove thoughts from my brain and see them clearly in front of my eyes.

I often NEED to do a brain dump before bed most nights to avoid laying awake thinking of all the things…

The more you can REMOVE from your crazy brain, and the more often, the better you will feel and the more clearly you will be able to focus…

Especially if you are a “visionary” type who can never stop coming up with ideas and wants to do everything at once all the time.

I wanted to share this with you today incase you are like me and feel something like this could help you too…

Here is a link to the same Calendar I have:

Carissa xo


How Do You Feel About Selling?

how do you feel about selling your products and services?

Are you totally confident and thinking thoughts like: “yes, this will really help my audience / clients and be exactly what they want and need, so of course I’m going to tell them about it!”

Or are you more like: “eeek, I might annoy people if I offer them things or ask if they want to buy it or if I run too many ads or promotions or send too many emails etc”

I’m going to be totally honest with you here and tell you that personally I alternate between both of those thought patterns frequently.

In fact, it is a DAILY WAR inside my brain to continually choose confidence in any area of my life.

Any time I make a video or write a post, and especially when I launch a new course or coaching program or event or book… there is a part of me that is like “don’t do it, you might annoy people”

But then the other part of me that is like “but Carissa, you can’t actually really help them unless they pay you because remember, people don’t deeply value FREE” (it’s true they don’t).

There is a saying I love that goes “when people pay, they pay attention – and when people pay MORE, they pay MORE attention…”

If you think about purchases you have made in your life, I’m sure you will agree.

When you spend a lot of money on something, you tend to give it more love and energy and take care of it better… however, when something is really cheap or free, you often don’t really look after it well or get the most out of it…

A good example is a cheap gym membership vs a personal trainer…

If I’m paying $80 per session I am going to show up to exercise!

If I’m paying $18 per week… even if I have “unlimited group fitness classes and 24/7hr access included” pfffftt… I’m sleeping in…

But usually, this fear of selling that myself and many people I’ve met both share, normally comes from a deep fear of rejection…

Maybe because someone you loved so deeply in the past broke up with you and shattered your heart…

Maybe because you were left out of groups or picked on in school.

Maybe because you so deeply craved your parents praise and approval and you never got it…

You may have learned subconsciously over time that it’s safer to play small and there’s less risk of being hurt or being told “no” if you never ask or never act…

It’s a bit sad really, isn’t it?

When you realise you could be helping so many more people but the fear of being rejected by some of them holds you back from trying to help any of them…

So my question to you today is, do you know that you should be more confidently selling your products and services??

It really is the only way you are going to make more money and get ahead financially.

Is it scary?

Well, it can be if you let fear win and focus on the people that aren’t going to like you or what you have to offer them (it’s guaranteed to happen so you’ve just got to accept it really).

If you own a business, you NEED to confidently know (and remind yourself daily) that your products and services are going to change people’s lives, and with that mentality, act as the expert at what you do and tell your people what you have got for them and why they need it and what it’s going to do for them…

This is something that I have decided to start practicing more myself, in a sort of “sales experiment” for a new program I want to launch later this year, which is all about successful and feel good selling.

And I’m letting you know about it now, because, in my emails and posts from now on, you might start to notice more offers from me in the P.S section at the end of some of them.

You are absolutely in no way obligated to buy anything I might offer, you are most welcome to just continue to read my emails and watch my free tips and stories and posts etc

Or you are also totally welcome to unsubscribe at any time if you never want to hear from me again and don’t want my help.

It’s your life! You’ve gotta make the choices that are right for you!

(Actually, on my instagram @coffeewithcarissa I am starting to share more business, mindset and manifestation reminders lately – the things I tell myself remind myself of regularly to stay focussed on the right things & stay in a positive headspace & high vibe – because people keep asking me how I do that)

So if you’re not connected with me on insta yet, come on over and connect and turn on notifications so I can do my best to keep you feeling good and productive more often 🙂

And I’d love to know how you feel about SELLING currently too, is what I spoke about above something you can relate to?

Let me know.

Love Carissa xo


Do you know what makes your clients come back? (or not)?

Your best most loyal clients who buy from you regularly and refer people to you all the time, who totally love you (and you probably love them back)…

What do you think the difference is between them and other clients of yours who are not regular or who don’t come back?

I asked that question in my group the other day…

Quite a few people commented in here thinking it’s that your customer gets your “WHY” and that’s why they love you & connect with you & keep coming back…

Sorry, but that’s not it…

I bet if you asked them, they probably don’t even know what your “why” is!?

Yeah that Simon Sinek Video is cool, but over time I’ve realised that most things I buy and most businesses I connect with, my purchase decisions have nothing to do with “why” they do it… and it’s the same with most of my clients…

(Some businesses I support because of the why, but normally they’re a product like soap or toilet paper who gives to a charity)…

For things like personal training, hair & beauty services, clothes etc – it’s because I just really like the person or the brand.

So you want to know WHY they do come back & love you?
It’s because of how you make them FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES!!!

If you have something in common with them, like a similar personality type, hobbies, past traumas, shared experiences, shared interests & passions, shared hates, shared beliefs & values… THAT IS WHAT CONNECTS PEOPLE.

If you ask them questions, allow them to talk about themselves, if you bond over something… you will connect deeper & deeper each time…

On the other hand, you’ll have clients with opposite personality types to you & your team, with beliefs that conflict with yours, who you don’t have anything in common with… and they’re the ones who will come once and never again because they don’t even know why but they “didn’t like you / your business”

The only way to be accepting of this and be able to influence more of the people you want to choose you & stick with you is to understand how to communicate these things the right way…

Enjoying these emails?

Good. I’m on a roll, I’ve got more to come!

Love Carissa xo


It would be awesome if everyone who enquired with your business was ready to buy from you right away, wouldn’t it?

It would be awesome if everyone who enquired with you / your business was ready to buy from you right away, wouldn’t it?

But fact is – they’re not all ready right away!!

Doesn’t mean they won’t be ready later though if you’re prepared to invest some time into deeper conversations & following up…

Did you know there are FIVE different levels of customer awareness?

People range from knowing who you are and what you do and being ready to buy… all the way through to not even knowing they have a problem that there is a solution for!

Each different type of person needs to see different types of ads and information from your business in order to take them from not ready to buy to “when can I come in?”

This is why just advertising the price and what’s included in your offer doesn’t always work on social media… (especially when trying to get brand new clients) because they don’t even know you yet!!

You really need to know WHO you’re talking to and what THEY want to know…

The success of your marketing and advertising when it comes to attracting new clients will depend entirely on how well you know your target client.

(Including their personality, interests, beliefs, fears, the emotional reason(s) why they buy from you)…

This is be the topic of this week’s episode of the Coffee With Carissa Show!

Love Carissa xo


How to create DEEPER emotional connections with your followers and clients.

Some real examples of creating an emotional connection by telling stories is what I do with my posts both in my Facebook Group and on my Instagram @coffeewithcarissa

When you become vulnerable and share some real parts of yourself, some flaws, some fears, some past lessons or failures (and I’ve had a LOT) or even things I tell myself daily to keep myself acting & feeling my best…

People who can relate to you will connect with you.

(Note: the goal is NOT to try to get everyone to connect with you, only people who do actually relate; and you will be surprised how many people do)…

Just for fun, tell me if you can relate to any or all of these challenges / experiences I’ve had so far in my life both as a human and as a business owner…

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of success
  3. Fear of asking for money
  4. Fear of upselling / rebooking
  5. Fear of following up with past clients because you think they must hate you if they never came back!!
  6. Staff not doing their job properly and fear of talking to them about it
  7. Being lied to by staff or partner
  8. Being stolen from
  9. Being emotionally controlled or manipulated (narcissistic partner, friend or family member)
  10. Alcohol or drug abuse
  11. Depression, pointlessness, inability to function or care about anyone or anything
  12. Suicidal thoughts
  13. Victim of sexual abuse
  14. Having an abortion
  15. Feeling not understood or supported by family or like they don’t care or aren’t interested in what you’re doing in your business
  16. Feeling guilty about working so much
  17. Feeling guilty for taking a break from work
  18. Being stolen from by staff (money or clients)
  19. Having so much going on inside your brain that you can’t sleep or get anything actually done because you can’t relax or focus
  20. Struggling to pay wages or rent when business is quiet
  21. Going on a payment plan or borrowing money to pay your taxes because somehow you fucked up putting aside for it and still feel like you have no idea what’s going on with your numbers
  22. Reaching a huge goal and feeling embarrassed to tell people about it because you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or you don’t want to come across as a ‘show off’ so you celebrate quietly alone but wish you had someone to share it with that would congratulate you and then encourage to go even bigger!
  23. Seeing a phychiatrist
  24. Seeing a hypnotherapist
  25. Seeing a psychologist
  26. Farting in a yoga class
  27. Getting your period on your nail technicians chair and needing to borrow her skirt to go home… 🙈
  28. Unexplainable anxiety
  29. Crying over a customer complaint
  30. Feeling like it’s all too hard and wanting to close down your business

(I’ve written content posts or made videos discussing all of these things at one point or another over the last few years of my coaching business, sharing how I dealt with and overcame each challenge whether it was business, personal or emotional)…

I could go on forever with many more but if you can relate to any of them, feel free to reply and let me know which ones.

(And let me know if by knowing that I’ve been through these experiences too you feel a little bit closer to me as a human being in anyway, because we have this in common)…

And then, go and share a story of a challenge you have been through with your followers or clients and ask them if they have been through the same or can relate…

(Make sure though that when sharing the story of the challenge you experienced, that you focus heavily on the solution or how you got past it / through it – otherwise it can just come across as complaining or wanting sympathy vs showing up as someone who understands their problems and can help them through them)


People WILL BUY FROM YOU When They Become Emotionally Connected To You Or Your Brand. So How Do You Do This?

Would you like to know how to create emotional bonds with your marketing?

Would you like some examples?

I can feel you nodding.

So ONE of the things responsible for allowing your clients to form a strong emotional bond with you / your business / your brand is…

A powerful story.

But, not a story about you and how you started the business…

It needs to be a story that THEY can connect and relate to, something that makes them think “omg, me too” or “wow, they understand what I’m going through”

As an example when I sold spray tans & lash extensions, I told the story of how those services changed my life and made me feel so much better about myself / gave me so much confidence BECAUSE I had always had white skin and thin hair that didn’t grow, and I was never able to naturally look the way I wanted to look…

I couldn’t even curl my natural hair because there wasn’t enough of it! And it always just stuck flat to my head!

But when I wore extensions I felt more feminine and beautiful, I took more photos and had much more fun while out with friends because I really loved how my hair looked!

I’m also ‘pear shaped’ and have always been self conscious about my thighs and a spray tan made me feel better about them… (I even started wearing short shorts to show them off)!

Can you see how by telling those STORIES I’m not even actually trying to sell the services?

But anyone that can relate to any of those things in even the slightest way is basically SOLD and is going to come to me for these services now… right?

If they are shopping around they are more likely to choose my business over someone who is focussed on just promoting the product and the price or even the results.

There is a connection built between us now based on a shared experience or emotion.

Because “omg me too”

Let me know if that makes sense…

What STORY can you tell for your products and services??

(Hint; it doesn’t need to be about you it can be about a client)!

Want more strategies & examples?

Reply and let me know…

P.S. I also recorded a live video / New Episode of my weekly online show and podcast on THIS VERY TOPIC last Thursday, you can watch it here: “How To Make Sure People Choose YOUR Business”


Taking A Salon From $32k To $60k Per Month

Some suggestions, examples and marketing ideas for taking a hair salon from $32k per month to $60k per month.

I had another email from a lady who has owned her hair salon 5 years, has 5 team members and wants to improve her marketing to bring in new clients.

I filmed this quick vid in the car on the way home from a day out with my hubby to share a couple of strategies that I know work well for the hair industry. 😘

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