Coffee With Carissa LIVE with special guest Elle Wilson

I’m so excited to introduce you to Elle Wilson!

Elle is the founder/creator of the company Brow Secrets International and the True Brow brand.

With over 30 years in the beauty industry and a deep desire to create perfect brows for every woman, Elle created her brand and training program.

All students that complete her brow program are considered the best in the world!

Elle is so passionate about what she does that she is revolutionising the industry!

Elle believes that every business has it’s challenges and we really can’t be put off by these challenges.

She believes what is great about business and business challenges is that you have the opportunity to really dive deep and re-evaluate things and bring about clarity for your team and your clients.

When you bring something really innovative into the world, it’s a really big deal and it’s a really big opportunity to build a unique and successful business

So whether you are a Brow QUEEN/Fanatic or you want to know how to grow a unique business, this video replay is for you!!