CBF doing anything right now? Read on…

Are you feeling like me?

Like you just CBF with anything right now?

Like it’s all too hard. 

Like you’re tired of being tired…

And yet, there’s still a craving, a yearning, a needing deep within… to get the F up and create magic?

Story of my life.

It’s the creative persons curse!

I call it “everything and nothing.”

That’s the only way I can describe it.

Like I want everything and nothing all at once.

And, being in the ‘nothing’ right now is because I was ‘everything’ this morning…

And I was everything this morning, because I was nothing the last 2 days…

And I was nothing the last few days because I was everything for about a week before that!

See, what I’ve found… is that the ‘everything’ can only exist if you also have the nothing.

And if you try to be everything for too long, you end up being nothing whether you want to or not.

And if you want to be everything more often, you need to be nothing more often.

Because the best of your everything comes from the nothing.

So, give yourself permission to have more nothing so you can be more everything!

If you’re blessed with the creative curse, you’ll understand…

Let me know if you’re in everything or nothing right now…

☠️ or 🌈 ??