I got my nose pierced!! AND – a story about car salesmen and what you can learn from them…

I want to share 2 stories with you about 2 different types of car salesmen.

And they are 2 very different experiences.

One left us feeling really really good!

And one left us feeling really really uncomfortable.

By sharing these stories, you can then start paying attention to your sales conversations with your customers and your clients and hopefully take something away from this so that you can start making more sales and money in your business!

Car salesman 1 was super friendly and asked me a lot of questions about myself, why I’m upgrading and why I’m interested in this particular car. 

He made the conversation about me. He wanted to find out what I wanted, why I wanted it, where I’m at and when am I looking to buy.

And then he met me where I was at. Answered all my questions, went through every option and then asked me when would be a good time to follow up.

Car salesman 2 left us feeling icky. 

He didn’t ask any questions. He just assumed that because we were there to test drive the car we were there to buy.

The whole process was scripted. You could tell he went through this script over and over again.

After the test drive he never asked clarifying questions, he just started to close the sale and even asked for a deposit!

So who do you think you would be more inclined to buy your car from?

And what kind of salesperson do you think your clients would prefer to book in with or buy from?

Exactly ;).

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