I want to give you 1 million dollars.

By Carissa Hill | October 26, 2015

This video is just for a bit of fun. Because life needs more fun. Do you want 1 million dollars? Let me know!

Make Yourself A “Bliss List”

By Carissa Hill | September 14, 2015

Every now and then I find myself wondering how I should be spending my time. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get completely absorbed in our businesses. In our work. In the next thing to do. In all the things we haven’t yet done. If you’re a high achiever it usually feels like nothing…

Why we lose motivation and what to do about it.

By Carissa Hill | August 25, 2015

In this video I want to just explain to you why we lose motivation and what to do about it, how to stay motivated more often, and how to deal with those days where you just can’t even deal.

10 Reasons Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Grow

By Carissa Hill | August 17, 2015

A lot of small businesses don’t grow because of one or more of these 10 reasons. Can you identify any within your own business? If you want to take your business seriously and really truly grow it, and avoid being one of the ones who stays small, then grab a notepad and pen and click play.

10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now (other than scrolling through Facebook)

By Carissa Hill | August 11, 2015

This blog post / video is for you if you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed because you just can’t seem to think of what else you should be doing right now.

5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

By Carissa Hill | August 4, 2015

As a Facebook obsessed entrepreneur, I literally cannot stop myself from coming up with ideas on how business owners I speak to can use the social media platform to grow their businesses. Facebook just has a ridiculous amount of potential for business growth, but so many people still aren’t utilising it because they just don’t know just how…

How to Grow your Business with Instagram

By Carissa Hill | July 12, 2015

I posted a status on Facebook the other day about generating leads for my business through Instagram, because I’ve been getting quite a lot lately, and I had quite a few people comment asking me about how to use Instagram for business in general. I’ve been using Instagram for my business for about a couple of years…

How can I attract better quality clients in my business?

By Carissa Hill | June 30, 2015

There seems to be a common question I get asked a lot, in a lot of different ways, but it pretty much comes down to: “HOW CAN I ATTRACT BETTER QUALITY CLIENTS IN MY BUSINESS?” Now the answer to this generally comes down to your branding and marketing and whether or not you actually know what…

3 Easy Time Management Tips For Business Owners

By Carissa Hill | April 14, 2015

Do you always complain about not having enough time? In this week’s episode of #coffeewithcarissa I’m sharing 3 easy time management tips for business owners which you can use to make the most out of every day and maximise your productivity! Did you enjoy this video? If so, please like it and comment and let me…

Your Business Systems Are Important

By Carissa Hill | February 25, 2015

If you want to grow your business and eventually take yourself out of it, or duplicate it, or sell it or anything serious at all, you NEED BUSINESS SYSTEMS. Systems make training new staff easy, they make growth easy, they make selling or franchising your business easy, they are a necessary part of a successful…