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Do you know what makes your clients come back? (or not)?

By Carissa Hill | August 28, 2019

Your best most loyal clients who buy from you regularly and refer people to you all the time, who totally love you (and you probably love them back)… What do you think the difference is between them and other clients of yours who are not regular or who don’t come back? I asked that question…

It would be awesome if everyone who enquired with your business was ready to buy from you right away, wouldn’t it?

By Carissa Hill | August 24, 2019

It would be awesome if everyone who enquired with you / your business was ready to buy from you right away, wouldn’t it? But fact is – they’re not all ready right away!! Doesn’t mean they won’t be ready later though if you’re prepared to invest some time into deeper conversations & following up… Did…

How to create DEEPER emotional connections with your followers and clients.

By Carissa Hill | August 21, 2019

Some real examples of creating an emotional connection by telling stories is what I do with my posts both in my Facebook Group and on my Instagram @coffeewithcarissa When you become vulnerable and share some real parts of yourself, some flaws, some fears, some past lessons or failures (and I’ve had a LOT) or even…

People WILL BUY FROM YOU When They Become Emotionally Connected To You Or Your Brand. So How Do You Do This?

By Carissa Hill | August 18, 2019

Would you like to know how to create emotional bonds with your marketing? Would you like some examples? Yes? I can feel you nodding. So ONE of the things responsible for allowing your clients to form a strong emotional bond with you / your business / your brand is… A powerful story. But, not a…

Taking A Salon From $32k To $60k Per Month

By Carissa Hill | August 15, 2019

Some suggestions, examples and marketing ideas for taking a hair salon from $32k per month to $60k per month. I had another email from a lady who has owned her hair salon 5 years, has 5 team members and wants to improve her marketing to bring in new clients. I filmed this quick vid in…

Too Much Going On Inside Your Head?

By Carissa Hill | August 12, 2019

Those days where nothing feels like it actually gets done because too much is going on inside your head are a totally real thing. It’s been likened to having a computer browser open with too many tabs open to even know what tabs you have open. It’s like having 10’s of unfinished books or tv…

What Was The Feeling You Were Chasing When Starting Your Business?

By Carissa Hill | August 9, 2019

You went into business because you were chasing a feeling… A feeling of freedom, of excitement, of expression, of being in control, of sharing your passions with others, and of course… because you had a VISION and you wanted to bring it to life. In that moment when you committed to doing whatever it took…

How I Used Manifestation To Get 100 New Clients

By Carissa Hill | August 6, 2019

Mindset & Manifestation are both super important, powerful parts of life that will help you in so many ways… BUT if they’re not also combined with successful connection & communication with others… (via your marketing & sales efforts) You may end up feeling stuck just trying to wish your way to where you want to…

How To Keep Your Business Growing In Less Than 1hr Per Day

By Carissa Hill | August 3, 2019

How to keep your business GROWING in less than 1hr/day… Make sure you’re prioritising these 5 things! 🌟 (Especially helpful if you have kids / limited time & energy) 👩‍👦‍👦

Growing From Negativity

By Carissa Hill | July 28, 2019

So I thought the conversation yesterday about whether or not people had left a negative review for a business was interesting… I’ve personally never ever left one. And actually even if I have a bad experience I never even really reach out to the business to let them know or to complain. I just think…