Probably the best business (and personal) skill you can ever develop is simply to just CARE about people!

I mean, it sounds simple, but for some reason a LOT of people seem to really struggle with it 🤷‍♀️

This is because human beings naturally care more about themselves and are more focussed on themselves than others.

But if you’re going to go and start a business… in order for it to do really well, you really do have to care more about the results your customers get from you than about what you want to get for yourself!

(Money, fame, recognition, success)

Those things are simply a side-effect of successfully delivering incredible results & value to your clients!

On top of that, you need to care about your team members too!

AND you have to realise that your clients and your team members care more about themselves than they do about you too!

Being in business is like being in the ultimate self awareness & self development journey.

And of course you do need to care about yourself too so you actually CAN care about others!

(Because when you give all of you to everyone but you, you’ll crash & burn and end up resenting people for wanting things from you all the time)!

But in really simple terms, if you want to do well in business…

If you want clients to RAVE about you and your team members to never want to leave…


And make sure they know that you do 💜