I bring my nail tech & beauty therapist coffee every month. And book in for everything. And always show up on time. And pay in full. And rebook in advance. And tell everyone about how great they are.

If you want amazing clients, BE AN AMAZING CLIENT!!!

You always attract back more of how you are showing up in life.

Be the type of client you want to attract! ✌🏼

And this applies to ALL areas of your business!

If you want more people to book from your ads, are you prepared to book in with another business through their Facebook ad?

If you want leads to comment on your post, are you prepared to comment on posts that interest you?

If you want leads to have engaged sales conversations with you, are you prepared to have engaged sales conversations with other business owners?

If you want your team to trust you and respect you, are you prepared to trust and respect your team?

If you want your clients to be loyal, buy everything you suggest and leave you raving reviews, are you … you get the picture!!

Be an example. SHOW the Universe who and what you want to attract more of into your life.

Love, Carissa xo