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How to know when it’s time to hire someone

Someone asked me a little while ago about how you know when it’s time to hire someone to take over something that you’re doing in the business so that you can either

1. Step back a little bit or

2. So that you can start working on something else that you want to bring to life and grow.

I think my best answer for this questions, for me personally, I’ve just realised that if I feel like I’m being held back in any way, then it’s time that I need help so that I can continue growing.

You become your biggest limit if you don’t bring on help and start delegating things to people.

You just can’t keep growing past a certain level if it’s just you because then your time will just go into email, Facebook messages and the clients and just fricken everything that you can’t even put aside sometime to think about where you want to grow from here.

Or what’s next for you.

And I’m someone that gets bored really easily, so if I’m doing the same thing over and over again for more than a few months, I’m done with it.

OR maybe a few years.

It depends what it is.

If you find yourself hating something then maybe it’s time to delegate – just trust the way you feel about it.

If you want to know how I grew my team and how I knew when it was time to hire someone – watch the video xo.


What are you getting for yourself every time you criticise someone else?

What are you getting for yourself every time you criticise someone else?

Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Do you want to feel like you are right?
Better than them?
More important?
More significant?
Better behaved or well educated?
Like your values are higher?
A feeling of superiority, maybe?

Being happy for & accepting of others choices, decisions & lifestyles can seem all too much for some.

Impossible for others.

They may even wonder what they’re supposed to actually talk about if they’re not gossiping about others lives!

“What!? You mean I’d be forced to take a look at myself? My own thoughts & actions?”


What if you focussed all of that judgmental energy on improving your own thoughts & actions instead of pointing out what’s wrong with others?

How would your life change?

Oh, but that’s right… you don’t NEED to change. Because it’s everyone ELSE that’s wrong, not you. Right?!

Here’s the thing about that…

Judging other people does nothing good for anyone.

Not you. Not them.

UNLESS – you get real with yourself each time you’re being judgemental and ask yourself “what is it REALLY about this person or situation and why does it upset me so much”…

AND THEN you start looking inwards at yourself and figuring out what you actually want or need & start finding more positive ways to fulfil that within yourself.

OR, you use that judgement of that other person to teach you a lesson of how you don’t want to live your life…

But then… try being happy for others instead, even those you may have judged recently.

Try being curious instead of critical.

Have you ever stopped to ask “I wonder why they did that”?

Try seeing things from their perspective for a moment.

Try thinking “well if it makes them happy, that’s great for them”

See how that feels.

And then, get on with whatever makes you happy too…

(Without needing to think of what you think is wrong with others in order to make you feel good about yourself).


Does money make you feel funny, honey?

If money makes you feel funny.
Stop thinking about money as money.
Remove emotion from it.

Instead of $1 think about it as 1 rubber ducky.

1 bunch of bananas. 🍌
1 unicorn. 🦄
1 puppy. 🐶

Take your preference.

Whatever makes you feel like it’s not money anymore and it’s just a quantity of units of something.

Make it silly. Make it fun.

Money doesn’t have to be a “self worth thing” because it’s actually not a “self worth thing” it’s a way to measure the units of currency you currently possess.

So, if you provide a service, and I want it, I must give you 300 bananas for it.

How about that product over there? Oh, that will be 2 unicorns thanks.

Can I add an extra one of those? Yes. Those are 7 tacos each. 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮


If it makes it easier when telling people the price of things, a trick I used to do when I was new-ish in business and still felt uncomfortable asking for money, is just not use the dollar sign or the word “dollars”.

If I was telling someone the price I would say “well that one is 299, the other option is 499”

And when it came to the time of payment, I’d say “that’s just 60 today please”

(Tip: using the word “just” makes things sound simpler, less intimidating).

Try seeing products and services that you sell not as what you are worth, but what they are worth. You must remove yourSELF from what you offer.

People are not just giving you money for being you – they are buying something that you sell.

Your business is not YOU, either, it is owned by you, and, just like one of your products or services, you could even sell it if you wanted to…

How does THAT make you feel?

Do you get funny when you think about money?

Hit reply and tell me about it!


Selling in Facebook groups

So I guess, I’m a pretty stubborn person and I always have been ever since I was a kid.

Not in a way that I won’t allow for alternative advice or anything like that.

I’ll try everything once.

But if there’s something that I really don’t want to do, like I really don’t enjoy it, and I just don’t want to spend my life doing that – then I won’t!

And I will find any way around doing that.

One of those things has been cleaning, in my house.

I’ve had a cleaner for over 10 years.

I just don’t clean.

And some people may see this as lazy – I see it as it makes me feel really tired and awful and I would much rather pay someone who likes cleaning, to come and clean.

The other thing is selling on the phone.

I’ve just always hated talking on the phone really, unless it’s like to my mum or a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

I’d rather talk to people in person or online.

So over the years I developed an online sales funnel that took the sales out of phone conversations and into the World Wide Web…

This is how I do my sales:


What do your service standards say about your business?

What are your service standards in your business?

Are the standards put in place to give your customer the ultimate experience with your business or are they in place to make doing business more convenient for you or your team?

Ouch – Truth Bomb just exploded.

If you want to build and grow your business, your customer experience is what’s going to do just that.

Ever had a bad experience as a customer and gone back to suffer through the same bad experience again?

I’m gonna say no.

And if you did, it’s probably because you HAVE to for whatever reason.

This is what I teach my course members about creating the ultimate customer experience that allows you to build and grow your business.

Your service standards must be specific. Measurable. Achievable. realistic. Time bound.

Specific being; what will the customer experience actually be.

Measurable being; how can this be quantified and measured and tracked within your business.

Achievable being; can staff achieve it?

Realistic being; is it what the customer wants and does it meet their needs?

Time bound being; when will the service (or product) be delivered and how often?

Are you happy with your service standards?

If you’re not, how do you think you will change them moving forward?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo.


How are you changing the world?


And there are some days where I’m OFF and literally everything is a struggle. Getting out of bed. Making food. Showering etc. Everything feels hard.

And it’s been this way literally my entire life.

I used to feel bad about it. Almost guilty.

People would say things like “stop working so hard or so much or you’ll burn yourself out”…

But if you’re a creative person obsessed with your “art” no matter what it is, you literally cannot just stop and walk away when you’re in the zone.

That place is the best!

The excitement, enthusiasm, speed, momentum, when your eyes light up and your heart speeds up and you can’t possibly bring all the ideas to life fast enough and you forget to eat and you don’t know or care what time it is and you don’t want to sleep because YOU WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

And then you wake up one morning not being able to function and wonder if they were right and you’ve gone and burned yourself out again…

But I’ve decided over the years that that’s a load of horse shit. 🐴 💩

If you’re a creative genius, a mad scientist, a messy artist, a passionate writer… you just can’t live that “normal” balanced life.

At least not in the traditional sense where you achieve perfect balance each individual day… is that even what balance means??


It’s a very “in the moment” type of thing, and people that don’t have that spark of madness will probably never truly understand…

If you’re a real true creator then there is no work / life balance because your work is your art and your art is your life!

And this is where the fun part happens, and what I (thankfully) realised at an early age…

Is that my true talent and excitement and passion and zest for life happens in those crazy moments of “insane-mode” (I want one of those tesla cars that has this for the adrenaline rush omg) 🤤

BUT I know that to have a steadily growing and successful company and “balanced” life I need other people around me who are good at the things I’m not good at, or that are taking up my time and preventing me from moving forward.

Like, the things that need to happen the same way every day or week or follow a process… that shit is not my bag, baby.

But I know to other people it is!

And that’s why it’s important that people are different and we all work together to use our individual strengths and talents to make the magic!

That’s where the balance happens…

The yin and the yang. ☯️

There is no way I could have reached the level of success that I have if I didn’t realise and act on the fact that I CANNOT DO EVERYTHING MYSELF.

And even when people might want YOU for everything (clients, staff, partners, kids, parents, friends) you’ve got to realise that it’s trying to be and do everything for everyone all by yourself that’s going to burn you out!

You need to be able to say no to the things that are holding you back from reaching your dreams & living your truth.

Everyone else always survives and is totally ok!!

Do you think I would have been able to have multiple stores and travel the world if I had of listened to those few clients who only wanted ME to do their hair & their spray tans?

I would have never left my garage!

To me, my balance is achieved in approximate monthly cycles.

Some days ON some days OFF.

Some days full of beans!
Some days on the couch.
Some days with family.
Some days at the office.
Some days with clients.
Some days by myself.
Some days GREAT!
Some days, shit happens.

But it’s always perfect and balanced and as it should be.

Some days words spill out of me just like this when I decide to be raw, real, vulnerable and authentic…

And other days I can’t for the life of me think of what to write to caption a photo so I just use an emoji. 🤗

So let the crazy out people!!!

Don’t try and fit yourself into a box or mould or lifestyle that just isn’t “you”…

And don’t try and do everything yourself, because in doing so, you’re actually holding yourself back & keeping yourself small…

Identify the things that light you up! 💡

Identify the things that don’t.

And find people who are lit up by the things that need to be done but that you do not want to do.

No joke. My cleaner LOVES TO CLEAN!

(I look at a vacuum cleaner, immediately feel exhausted and need to sit down).

And if you’re someone who currently thinks you can’t afford help… simply start changing that thought to “what can I do so that I can afford help”

And “how can I NOT afford help!?”

Hiring someone doesn’t mean you have to go straight for a full time qualified employee.

It might be paying a friends school age kid $10/hr to do your washing for some extra pocket money (I’ve done that)!

Or getting a virtual assistant to help with your emails & FB messages just 1-2 hours per day to begin with! (I’ve done that too)!

I used to see the money I spent on personal training sessions as ‘just 4 spray tans per week’

Or hiring my business coach as ‘one course per month’

Or my salon team members as ‘2 full heads of extensions per week’ but by having them there we could do so many more!

I needed those amazing people in my life and I continue to need them… and you need them too if you want to live your dream life..

As a creator, as a free spirit, you need spend your life doing the things you are best at and that you love. 💜

Use that magical brain of yours to change the world. 🌎

Love, Carissa xo.


Raise your prices with confidence

Howdy, howdy!


Howdy ho. Neighbourino! LOL

I just asked myself before, what is something that I would have wanted help with 2 years ago?

Just a random question I ask to help me come up with content I want to create.

And I realised that 2 years ago, I wanted more confidence in raising my prices.

That’s one of the things that I wanted help with.

And one of my business coaches at the time did help me with that.

And I want to talk about this quickly because I am completely aware that one of the quickest ways to grow your business is to raise your prices!

It is the most effortless thing you can do.

You don’t need to go looking for clients.

You usually will always have some that will drop off but most of them are usually happy to pay the higher prices.

And you’ll get the new clients that will pay the hight prices and never knew that they were cheaper.

Your business has to be profitable to be successful.

If you’re not making a profit then you don’t have a business and you’re going to go out of business.

So one of the things that helped me gain the confidence to raise my prices was…

Better watch the video to find out!


It always SEEMS impossible until it’s done

Starting a business can seem impossible.

Creating a website can seem impossible.

Launching your social media accounts can seem impossible.

Writing your ABOUT PAGE can seem impossible.

Making your first sale can seem impossible.

Growing your business can seem impossible.

And yet, nothing is what it seems.

Just because you’ve never done something before or something scares you, doesn’t make that something impossible.

It just makes that something new and uncharted territory.

But many before you have sailed the same seas so you find yourself in an age of online communication and resources.

Use it.

Don’t allow fear stop you in your tracks and feel like it’s impossible.

Reach out for help.

Ask for guidance.

Give it a go.

Embrace mistakes as a learning tool.

Say NO to perfection and YES to progress.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Look forward to the big picture but focus on just the next baby step.


It always SEEMS impossible, until it is done.

Love, Carissa xo.


This is what it feels like to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS

Sometimes you get to a point in your life & business where you just DECIDE what you will not tolerate anymore.

It is in these moments when we LEVEL UP.

There is no going backwards from here.

It is done. You are done with it.

You will not accept it from this point forward.

And without even needing to say it, the people around you feel it.

This, is what it feels like to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!!!

Whether it be team members not doing their job or walking all over you…

Whether it be the fact that you’re not making as much money as you want…

Or if it’s a partner, parent or child talking to you in a way you don’t like.

When you decide you are no longer open to accepting it – you will no longer call it in.

What is or has been an example of this for you in your life so far?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo.


Self confidence equals self approval

Have you ever wanted to feel more confident?

I have.

For most of my life I didn’t feel very confident with my decisions.

I was always basing what I did on what other people may have thought.

And I know this is a really common thing.

I know a lot of people talk themselves OUT of things because they worry about what other people think.

And I’ve realised, on my journey, that self confidence is really nothing more than self approval.

What that looks like is basically giving yourself permission and approving of your own decisions without needing approval from anybody else.

Or needing permission from anybody else.

And it does take practice, but the more you do it the more you decide to just approve of your own wants, and needs, and desires, and preferences, and choices and you stick to it the easier it gets.

If you approve of your own decisions, then you can go through life being a more confident person.

Love, Carissa xo.