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Baby Number 2 Is On The Way!

In case you missed the first few announcements – I am pregnant with Baby #2 and thought I’d share an update.

I will be almost 14 weeks pregnant at the time of filming this video, my son is 2 and a few months.

I actually thought I was pregnant in May this year and then it turned out I wasn’t and I got disappointed.

So I spoke with my husband and said maybe we should try again – and we did and it worked!

This pregnancy has been so different to my first one though and I thought I’d share a little bit about that…

Any guesses on the gender?

Reply and let me know if you think it’s a boy or a girl!

Love, Carissa xo


“My Facebook page engagement is DEAD ☠️”

“My Facebook page engagement is DEAD ☠️”

It used to be so good, so many people liked my posts, we had so many comments…

And NOW… nothing that I do is working. I don’t understand!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???”

This is legit a real conversation I was having with a client like, right now, 60 seconds ago…

I had a look at her page and what she was doing, and noticed that a lot of the posts, although they LOOK FREAKING INSANELY AMAZING, like, her branding is ON FIRE… 🔥🔥🔥

Are not getting the engagement or response she wants because the content is still mainly focussed on the products and services, not on her or on the audience…

And, it’s hard to get to know the person or the people or the personalty behind the brand because it is HIDING behind the brand… 🙈

And the main thing that I told her is that people want to connect with PEOPLE these days on social media, not businesses.

And then she asked “but how can I do that without being too personal and off topic??”

And my response was: BE PERSONAL AND OFF TOPIC!

People want to know the real you, your real thoughts, your real life, the life of your team, the life of your clients, your struggles, your past, your ideas, how your business is going…. REALLY… yes, they do…

The more “perfect” you try to appear… the less approachable you become, the less people can relate to or connect with you because NOBODY IS PERFECT.

This is something I have been thinking about a LOT lately…

Because so many people continue to struggle because they find it sooooo hard to “get it” – that the way to grow your business on social these days is NOT by directly trying to sell and promote your services….

“Whaaaaaaattttt – how the hell am I supposed to make any money or get clients then if I am not promoting what I do???”

Yah, I hear you.. I do.. it’s confusing AF.

But the truth is… people want to connect with YOU.

I hear it time and time again when my clients are trying to take a step back and not work in their businesses anymore “MY CLIENTS ONLY WANT ME”


Because people connect with people… NOT BUSINESSES.

So, I can read your mind already from here while you’re reading this and I’m pretty sure you’re thinking something like…

“So… what the F then do I start posting and doing differently? How can I get more clients & grow my business by sharing my personal life? What if I don’t want to share my personal life on my Facebook page!!??”

I hear you loud and clear AND, guess what? You don’t even have to share your personal life if you don’t want to.

But you do have to give your audience SOMETHING TO RELATE TO.

The truth is… branding and marketing these days IS CHANGING.

The overall psychology of why people buy is still the same…

BUT the things that people want to give their attention to online these days has shifted..

And if YOU want to be a brand or business that people give their attention to… then you need to CHANGE WITH THE TIMES OR YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND.


Stop finding time (you never do) – start making it!

You’ll never be able to “find the time.” 

It isn’t hiding from you.

You need to MAKE THE TIME by choosing that what you spend it on are things that add value to your life.

I can never understand people who say “I just want to wait until (insert excuse about not having enough time here) before I start growing / working on my business…”


If you’re serious about it you would start right fucking now and stop looking for reasons to procrastinate and put off making a change!

You would be EXCITED to learn and grow and put your everything towards reaching your vision!

Yeah you would probably still feel nervous or scared (it’s normal) and anxious about what might happen…

BUT we all know the most successful people don’t make excuses or blame their lack of results on a lack of time…


Seriously successful people take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the way they spend every moment & every result (or lack thereof) they achieve…

If you’re always looking for or waiting for the perfect moment to do something…

You’re going to waste a lot of your life.

Time, once spent, can’t be regained.

Spend wisely.

Choose what’s most important to you.

Give your time to it


This is how to manifest new clients into your business

If you want to #manifest lots of new clients into your business, I want to share with you the method I use that has worked for me the best. 🙌🏼

The first year I did this I set a goal for 200 new clients in a year, and I ended up filling that in 6 months!

(And I had my first 7 figure year in business).

I wanted to share my PDF sheet with you in case you want to print them & use them for your own business.

There’s 50 blank spaces per A4 page. Print as many as you like. 😊

Just click the link to download yours now. No email address or anything required xo…

How many new clients do you want to manifest?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo


Are business loans the devil? Find out…

‘Would you take out a small loan to start a business? Or slowly build it up over time?’

‘Would you take out a small loan to start a business? Or slowly build it up over time?’

You can absolutely do it either way!

From my perspective, it does depend on the business and whether or not you’re buying an existing business etc.

I personally have never had a loan and I don’t own a credit card – I’ve never even had a credit card – and I’m really proud of that.

When I started my spray tanning business, I had a full time job.

I had $500 in my savings account and I spent $500 on my first tanning kit.

And then I worked at building that entire business up, including the multi-million dollar business that I have now – with no loans.

I’ve never had a business loan, I’ve always only bought something when I had the money.

That is what feels good to me.

Reason being is I believe that you should be able to sell something from a business to make the money you need to re-invest in the business.

What do you think?


If you’re feeling really f*cking angry – do this!

“I am filled to the brim with negative thoughts and feelings right now – how do I get rid of or change this into positive vibes?”

In case you ever found yourself in this place of just feeling angry, and feeling negative, and feeling all of the yucky feelings that come with being human… this video is here to help.

Sometimes it can happen with no explanation and sometimes it can just be because you are hormonal.

Other times it may be because of something that has happened or caused by something someone has said and it’s triggered you into this spiral of negative thinking – and you really want to stop, and you want to go back to feeling good again.

The advice ranged from meditating, to journaling, to writing down what’s on your mind and removing it from your brain and so many other amazing tips and advice to have you feeling good again.


Here is a crystal clear sign that you are OUT OF ALIGNMENT.

If something that you are doing ever feels extremely heavy, boring, dull… it makes you frustrated, angry, resentful…

And you feel like you are constantly pushing and forcing yourself to do it…

That is crystal clear sign that you are OUT OF ALIGNMENT.

Meaning: this is not what you are supposed to be doing with your life right now!

It goes against your natural instinct and passions and strengths and gifts and talents.

Remember what the opposite feels like?


That feeling of everything being light, and fun, and exciting and you love it so much you literally lose yourself in it and lose track of time as well?

That’s where you should be spending the majority of your time.

On things that make you feel LIGHT not heavy…

In your business, this doesn’t mean that you need to stop doing things if they are working, just because they now feel heavy to you when they once felt light.

It just means you need to find someone else to take that part over so you can move onto your next natural progression, and keep moving forwards to what EXCITES you.

Let your emotions guide you.

Have you ever felt this way?

Are you feeling this way now?

Reply to this email and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo


Do you have these sabotaging money beliefs too?

Today, we are talking about MONEY MINDSET!

Recently, I asked a very important question:

Are you aware of any money blocks, fears or beliefs that are holding you back from allowing you to make more money?

And what are they?

The amount of replies I had to this kind of blew my mind.

Some of them actually made me angry – not at the people but at the situation.

It’s so hard to watch people sabotaging their situations and opportunities because of their thoughts and beliefs around money!

The good news is there are solutions to every block.

The most powerful solution being that in order to break through the money block or fear around money, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and feel uncomfortable for a bit.

In this video I take you through a few real life money blocks and fears and share with you my tips and advice to overcome them.

If you’re struggling with old money stories and money blocks, it’ll be worth watching the video – you might be surprised how common your block is and how easy it is to fix!


Are your friends breaking up with you?

This one is not really business related but kind of business related.

We had Alicia post in the Coffee With Carissa group the other day saying, ‘this isn’t really business related but a lot of friends have fallen out with me over the last few years… I have moved away but the things they have said to me about me – I can’t let go of and I miss them…. I was wondering if there was anyway to just let go of the past?’

I thought this was a really powerful topic because I have been through something very similar!

About 5 – 6 years ago i went through a stage where I was just really unhappy with my life and I knew that I needed to let people go because it was time to spend some time alone figuring things out for myself.

I sometimes still feel really guilty about ‘breaking up with my friends’ but I also knew that I couldn’t continue to be surrounded by that lifestyle.

While I don’t believe we should ever let go of the past or forget what happened, I do believe that everything serves a purpose to get you to where you are right now.

I have some thoughts on this topic and so did so many people in the group who commented with some seriously amazing tips that I wanted to share them with you today as well.

Get ready for some awesomeness from the Coffee With Carissa community – you guys are the best!


This is how you can overcome your doubts…

Want to know how to overcome your doubts of taking your business to the next step?

There was a post in the Coffee With Carissa Facebook Group just the other day by Leanne and she said, ‘Hi everyone, I need some words of wisdom! I have been looking for a salon premises for a while now and I think I may have found the perfect place but now I am having doubts about doing it! Salon owners, how did you make the jump from working on your own to owning a salon?’

I really felt this was a powerful question and wasn’t just related to people wanting to go from a home business to a location based location but relevant to anyone who was wanting to take the next step in their business.

When we want to go to the next level there is almost always fear that can consume you and often stop you from taking that next step – which means you’re slowing down your success.

For me personally, I’ve been there before – many times.

I get terrified.

That’s why I always have a back up plan and I always get comfortable with the worst possible outcome…

What is the next step in business you are wanting to take?

How are you feeling about taking it after you’ve seen the video?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo