If you want your business and your brand to be well known and loved by your audience and clients (which means you’ll find it almost effortless to continue growing your audience and attracting new clients) there are several things you MUST prioritise and master both as an entrepreneur and a human being…

People can’t really KNOW YOU AND LOVE YOU until you know and love yourself.

If you don’t really know and understand and approve of and accept yourself the way you are, and if you’re not constantly striving to BE the best possible version of yourself, and if you don’t really love and trust yourself as an incredible business owner who exists to help your customers get the results they want in their own lives then….


Working on YOURSELF is more important than working on your business.

I mean, they both are important… but if you’re using your obsession with your *work* as a way to actually AVOID going within, then you’re always going to be capped at a certain level and probably end up continually self sabotaging your own progress and efforts because deep down you don’t really believe that you are *worth it*.

Truth hurts, yah?

So… what should you start to do about this?

1. Prioritise self discovery and self development. Literally, become obsessed with figuring yourself out. Take personality tests, strengths finder tests, numerology tests (if you’re into all of that) otherwise just start practicing self awareness and continually asking yourself “why do I think that” “why do I do that?” “why do I feel like that?”

Start to look at your own life and thoughts and actions as if you were someone else watching yourself. Ask yourself all the time how you are making yourself feel.

DON’T EVER THINK YOU KNOW ENOUGH. People who think there’s nothing to work on or improve within themselves are the ones who need it most. 

Put your ego aside and get vulnerable.

2. Learn as much as you can about human behaviour and human influence so that you can become someone who is LIKEABLE / LOVABLE and who understands what other people want and need. This way you can make sure your needs are fulfilled while also fulfilling the needs of others, thus attracting all the people to you who appreciate and value your existence.

3. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do or who have done what you want to do and learn from them, bask in their essence and energy, pay attention to how they show up and how they think vs how you are showing up and how you think.

The fastest way to uplevel your success is to uplevel your social circle, yes this includes being a part of mastermind groups, online courses and working with coaches and mentors, this is the fastest way to actually meet and make new friends (other members or clients of the program) who are equally as driven and motivated and HUNGRY as you are!

When you change what you surround yourself with and what you think and what you put into your brain (books, podcasts, courses, conversations etc) you will change. It’s inevitable.

Make sure you are choosing to surround yourself with people and information that you WANT to become more like… and make sure to discover your personal values and goals and desires and strengths and weaknesses FIRST!!!

(So that you are not made to feel like there is anything wrong with who you are as a person on this journey, you do not need anyone telling you you need to become better at something your personality type naturally sucks at, or that you need to develop *habits* that work for someone else’s strengths, or adopt values that are not your own)…

That is the fastest way to failure and unfulfillment.

So, know thyself and know thy audience, before you become known.


When it comes to trolls on social media, there are a number of different ways you can think about them and deal with them.

Firstly, it’s important to know that if you’re going to put yourself or your business out there in any way online, it’s likely that you’re going to experience a troll at some point.


As for the definition of “troll” – it’s important not to fear that every negative comment is going to be a bad thing for your brand or your reputation.

There are trolls who are out there to just ‘troll the internet’ to get an emotional response, often criticising or being rude or mean on purpose…

And there are unhappy or hurt people such as customers or even ex employees who may not have had the experience they hoped for, and because of this, they get defensive and upset and try to bring your business down to make you seem wrong so that they can seem right.

As a business owner who is trying to build a brand and a business and help people via your products and services, it can really really hurt when you experience people who are not a fan of you and what you are doing…

BUT, it doesn’t always have to mean that it’s a bad thing.

It’s important to know that trolls are still people.

Usually, they are people who are feeling lonely, upset, sad, hurt or angry with something else in their life.

They are seeking a feeling of significance, importance and connection, and they get that in ways that are not positive, by trying to put others down.

The best way to use troll-like comments for the good of your business is to have a plan for what you’re going to do if you experience this.

The very best thing you can do is to not react or respond right away while your emotions are high, wait until you have calmed down if the comment has made you upset before you respond.

If you respond from a place of love and care, or even complementing them if they are just trying to get a rise out of you, you will be able to defuse the negativity.

If it’s an unhappy customer or team member that is leaving unhappy posts on your social media accounts, respond professionally and with kindness and try to take the conversation to somewhere more private, either via private message, email or phone call to resolve the conflict.

If you have an audience on social media or clients who love you, you will find that be sharing the situation with them vulnerably can actually be good for your reputation as they will come to your defence on your behalf and you may not even have to say anything at all.

The bigger your brand or business gets, and the more you stand out, the more trolls and hate you may start to attract, so in a way, this is a sense that your business is growing and your brand is reaching more and more people.

As long as the majority of your comments, reviews and feedback is positive, the few negative ones (responded to professionally by you) will prove to your potential new customers that you are a really caring business.

If you look at every negative comment as an opportunity to strengthen your brand, and you have a plan for what you’re going to do about it if it happens (or the next time it does), it can remove the fear you might have of really going for it and putting yourself out there.

Don’t let a fear of trolls or haters or what other people think stop you from making the impact you want to make and the growth you are capable of!!


If you’re a bit of a creative mess with 70,000 projects going on at once and never ending new ideas that keep interrupting the existing ones, it can be super easy to get really fucking overwhelmed.

This has been my pattern for most of my entrepreneurial life:

1. Have new idea that excites the shit out of me.

2. Start working on it with glee.
3. Remember all the other things I have already started that I need to continue working on.
4. Have a bit of a brain meltdown trying to think of what I should actually be doing.
5. Start working on something else, and then something else, and have ALL the tabs open.

6. Realise I’ve done it again and have put way too much on my plate, have a bit of a mini shutdown and feel like running away / cancelling everything / hiding.

7. Grab a pen and paper and brain dump it all out of my head.
8. Choose to work on the thing I WANT to work on for a bit first, so my creativity can feel fulfilled, and then do more of the things I NEED to work on (the other way around actually kills my creative flow and energy and makes things feel heavy).

It’s like a constant circle, it keeps happening, and any time I have tried to change it for too long at a time I just end up depressed. Like, really depressed.

And so, this is yet another part of my “business bi polar” crazy creative personality that I have instead come to love and accept and “roll with” now that I can see it as a predictable pattern.

But the important part here is, when you get to the brain shut down / feel like running away / like everything is just TOO MUCH AND TOO HARD, to realise that, hey, I’ve been here before. 

Many times. I’ve gotten through it. 

It’s actually not as bad as my mind is telling me it is.

Change your thoughts = change the way you feel.

You’ve got to start telling yourself “I’ve got this” rather than “WTF am I doing, this is too hard”.

You’ve got to take a moment to take a breather and go within and think about your thoughts. Get yourself away from a computer or phone or book or journal and just BE for a little while, as long as it takes. Sometimes this might be a few minutes, maybe a few hours or days…

Once you’re starting to feel in control again, grab that pen and paper and get it all out.

All of the things you’re working on.
All of the ways you’re feeling.
The things you NEED to do vs the things you WANT to do (it’s important to allow yourself to do both).

The things that need to be done soon vs the things that can wait or be put aside for later.

The things that will actually help you get results and grow your business vs the things that are just fun or nice.

Once everything you are thinking and working on is OUT of your head and you can SEE it in front of you, it doesn’t seem so scary, or so big, or so overwhelming.

The antidote to stress is surrender.

Accept what is.

Come back to the present moment.

Do one thing at a time.
Let go of the feeling that everything needs to be done right now, today, this moment.

You get your shit together by choosing to take responsibility for where you are and who you are and what you’re going to do next.

It doesn’t need to be as hard as you think it is.

Change your thoughts to tell yourself that it’s not hard, it is what it is, and that you’ve got this.


Have you read my book, “YOU DO HAVE TIME” yet??

It’s super quick, super cheap, and will absolutely make you realise that you do actually have the time to do anything and everything you want to do in your life and business.

There are a a 11 simple strategies that will help you manage your time and improve the way you think about the way you are currently spending your time!

If you want to get more done, or feel less stressed about where all your time is going in general, make sure to make the time to read it. (It’s short but super powerful)!!

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It’s easy to see how much marketing has changed over the last decade with social media becoming as popular and powerful as it is…

Influencer marketing is a huge deal now…

Many people are WAY less trusting of new brands and businesses that seem to pop up out of nowhere…

And it has become more difficult and expensive and time consuming to try to stand out, build an audience and gain clients due to so much market saturation in basically every industry.

So, how do you make sure to STAND OUT and build a following and a business and brand loyalty in 2020 and beyond?

The simple answer lies in building a personal brand to accompany and compliment your business brand.


Because people don’t connect with businesses and brands on an emotional level, but they DO connect with people on an emotional level.

Have you ever thought to yourself or said out loud “my clients only want me?” or “my clients come to my business because of me.”

Yah girl, that’s right.

Or have you ever had a staff member leave your business and some (or many) of your clients left with them?

That’s because they had a stronger emotional connection with that PERSON than with your business.

And they’ll be even more loyal and connected if they know what YOU are up to on social media as a person, not as a business just showing off the results of your work all the time.

This doesn’t mean that you need to start sharing every single moment of your personal life.

I mean, if I was to upload a photo right now, it would be me sitting in my undies, with bits of baby puke on my top, oily hair because I haven’t showered yet, sipping on black coffee, with a laptop on my lap furiously writing this blog post before my 7 month old wakes from his ridiculously short morning nap that never lets me get enough done!

But, maybe I will because it’s relatable if you have a baby and a business, right?

Ok, I’m going to. I took a selfie. There, it’s now the photo for this post.

Because the relatable personal stuff IS the stuff that matters and what helps to form a deeper connection with your people, whether they are existing clients, or yet to become clients…

And not everyone is going to like it, and some people are probably going to think you’re weird, or crazy, or inappropriate or embarrassing or whatever…

But they are just not your people.

Not your ideal clients.

Not your BFF audience.

Just like you don’t make friends with or have things in common with everyone you meet in person, not everyone who meets you online will become a friend of you or your business either.

But the right people will connect with you and want to choose YOU and YOUR BUSINESS because of it.

Because they relate to you, because they like you, and because they feel like they really know you on a personal level.

So, what say you?

Are you ready to start a personal brand alongside your business brand in the new decade?

Are you ready to let people IN and therefore take your business to a whole new level?

If you’d like to know how to get started and how to do it the right way, make sure you’re in my Facebook group, “Coffee With Carissa” as I’ll be hosting a ‘start your personal brand’ challenge in there soon. xo


Who is the leader or mentor you needed a few years ago?

Have you ever considered BECOMING THAT PERSON for the other people who need that person too?

Who is the person you wished would show up, be real, be raw, and make you feel like you’re not alone, while also inspiring the fuck out of you with what’s possible?

Why shouldn’t you be that person NOW for the past version of you? And for the people who are now where you once were?

What do you wish they would have said?
Would have done?
Would have shared?
Would have helped you with, and would have called you out on?

Is it time you started creating content that is exactly what you needed then or even that you need now?

If you know you’re a born leader; you need to embrace it, own it, admit it, and appoint yourself the role.

Perhaps the reason you’ve never felt like you’ve ever really ‘fit in’ is because you’re not supposed to.

YOU were born to lead.

You’ll never be able to join a tribe and be happy within it.

You are supposed to be the chief.

(If those words feel true, then they are). There are people out there who NEED YOU TO STAND FOR THEM.

There are people who need loving guidance, reminders that they’re not alone, and someone to remind them of what’s important, and what they’re capable of…

You can BE the person who you wish existed when you needed someone to guide you.


A personal brand is when you turn yourself & your life into a brand. You build a following of people who like you, relate to you, and want to know more about you or your life!

You are essentially turning YOU into a business.

And as long as you build an audience who benefits from what you want to share, and feels like they relate to you in some way or that you can help them with something, you can then sell or promote things that they will want to buy from you.

Because they like YOU. They buy from YOU because you are you, and because they like you and they connect with you on a personal level.

There’s a reason Reality TV is so popular and it’s because people are genuinely interested in and curious about other people and their lives.We love to gossip, we love compare people to ourselves, and we love to be entertained by what other people do; including how they look & act, what they eat etc

The thing is, many people, whether they are already a business owner or not, are scared to put themselves out there.

And I was TOTALLY THE SAME when I started my personal brand.

I was so used to hiding behind the logo and business name of my small business, and before that, hiding behind someone else’s logo as an employee…

But, overcoming the fears and building a brand based around who I am and what I love has been the best thing I think I’ve ever done….

Both financially as a business move, as a self discovery and self confidence journey, I get to help lots of people, and because I get to have amazing conversations and connections with people who I love and who love me whenever I feel like I want a chat.

I believe EVERYONE should have a personal brand, even if they already have a business brand, or even if they are still working for somebody else, or EVEN if they are not working at all but have a passion they wish to share with the world.

You can benefit from it emotionally and financially.

It opens up so many opportunities to not only make a lot of money, but to also connect with people who are YOUR type of people… people you have things in common with, and people who share your beliefs, values and even your frustrations and challenges.

One of the main things all humans are really seeking throughout their lives is deep connection with people who really understand and value them as an individual…

We want to be surrounded by people we have things in common with…

And building a personal brand allows you to achieve that, while also supporting yourself financially (if you choose to sell things and monetise your brand) and helping others to get what they want by doing so!If you’re ready to start a personal brand, or start growing and improving your existing personal brand…Come and join my Facebook Group, and let’s get to know one another!


Love Carissa xo


Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I’m so obsessed with my business, my work, with building an audience & sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions, knowledge, passion & stories with the world…

And then I wonder why I wonder if it’s bad that I’m obsessed with those things. 🤔

Was it a belief that was gifted to me by someone who does not share the same creator / performer / entrepreneur personality type?

Likely yes. But that’s ok.👌🏼

And then that’s what reminds me once again that it’s not a bad thing to want these things, and there’s nothing wrong with me.

I am simply a creator, and us creators love to SHARE OUR CREATIONS. 🙌🏼

In fact the entire reason we create is so that people can enjoy our creations.

Musicians want to share their songs, music, gifts, words etc with an audience. 🎵

Authors need people to read their stories! 📚

Film-makers want to share their visions… 🎥

And entrepreneurs need to share their passions, products, creations & offerings with their clients who will benefit from them!!

It’s literally in my DNA, to desire an audience to read my words, watch my videos, and to benefit from my ideas!

Any time I try to suppress the urge, or, if I run out of available time to dream, create & share…

I lose myself again.

Depression creeps back in.

I’m out of alignment with who I was born to be. ☹️

Creators NEED an audience to consume their creations. Performers crave fans.

And non-creatives, non-performers need entertainers to entertain them throughout their lives!

So if you were born with the desire to be a star, to build an audience, to share your unique flavour & gifts with the world… 🌟

Then bloody well stop questioning yourself and start speaking your truth, owning your purpose, and shining your light to bring some brightness to the darkness of those who need you! 🌞


Guess what!? I have FINISHED the video I told you about and if you have time, you should definitely check it out today!

Actually, even if you don’t have time, you should make the time…BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS 

If you own a business that is not currently highly profitable or scalable, then continuing to “work work work” every day trying to grow it is actually going to get you nowhere other than *burnout city*

In order to actually experience financial freedom, your business needs to be able to make enough profit to both pay you a good wage to live on, AND have profit left over to reinvest into the growth of the business.

And that’s the reason why I made this video. It’s about how to grow your business to the level where it can pay you a 6 figure salary! (Which is totally possible by the way, with the right goals & strategy in place)!

And… of course you’ll need to be focussed on long term growth and be someone who is prepared to put in years to get to this point. It’s not something that can happen overnight! But it will happen if you stay focussed on the right things!

Ready to watch it?


Enjoy, love Carissa x

If you’re seriously serious about GROWING, it’ll be a good use of your time today… Here’s the link! 


I had an email today from a beautiful, talented entrepreneur who knows she is holding herself back from growth due to fear, and feelings of not being worthy of the life that she wants to live…
And I replied to her email telling her this:

Aww xxxxx, I love you thank you for your honesty, and truly it has been a hard journey for me to give myself permission along the way to step into the life I now live.

I have worked with many many coaches and mentors myself to help me get to the place I am at now so I do understand how challenging it can be.

I think my primary piece of advice for you in regards to not valuing your own time or worth, is to actually continually take the focus OFF YOURSELF.

This is what works best for me when I start to doubt myself or feel anxiety or low self worth etc (which still happens to me a lot).

Ok so what I suggest you try is that you FOCUS ON THE RESULT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CLIENTS and create a mission that is bigger than yourself.

That is actually how you get everything for yourself along the way.

I don’t wake up every morning thinking “I need to get more clients and make more money” , actually, sometimes I do…

But then I go into fear / panic / self doubt mode, which is why I switch it around to:

“I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE GROW THEIR BUSINESSES AND IMPROVE THEIR LIVES” and then that becomes the motivation for my marketing and advertising, because I know I can’t help anyone if I keep everything to myself and wait for people to find me…

Make sense?

Do you have a current goal for “I want to help X amount of people to achieve Z result?” 💕

Love, Carissa xo.


are you anything like me?

I have always been an entrepreneur obsessed with GROWTH, I strive to live the “go big or go home” life, and I really enjoy connecting with and helping people who are similar.

I’m always pushing myself in all areas of my life and business.

I’m not afraid to fail. It’s how I learn what doesn’t work and it continually steers me further towards what does!

And I know there are people out there who are comfortable staying small, or they want to only go to a certain level and then stay there, or for some reason they think they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” grow…

Or that it’s greedy, bad, evil, unnecessary, whatever belief they have chosen to justify their smallness…

But I just feel like, because of the way that I am, I a actually sometimes feel like I am WASTING my passion and talent and gifts by trying to encourage and push and motivate and help people who are not already naturally motivated and HUNGRY for growth.

And it’s not like I need to be the person that tries to motivate people either

Because there are a BAZILIAN other coaches, mentors, motivational people out there who help with the fluffy feel good stuff… and I like it, sure, but I don’t feel like it’s what I am meant to do…

I like to get down and dirty and directly to the point of what you need to do and who you need to BE if you want to build a successful business, and if you’re HUNGRY FOR IT..

So, while this thought has just come to me, I’m deciding to just send it to you…

And while there is a part of me that is legit TERRIFIED of upsetting people by saying “sorry, if you are not prepared to scale, you’re not my person” it feels like the right thing to do, and so I’m following the feeling, as always.

It doesn’t mean that I can’t and won’t still attempt to motivate people to GROW, because I KNOW that some of you that are keeping yourself small actually secretly do want to go big, and maybe you just need to see or hear the right message that’s going to encourage you to GO FOR IT…

But I’m deciding I am no longer going to hand-hold or try to help people if they’re not already obsessed with going ALL-IN on their own business already.

Like, if you doubt the fact that you can grow, or you think that ‘maybe a big successful profitable business is not for me’ then no, I am not your person.

Why is this message coming through me right now? Well, I think I know.

Like all the messages that come through me, this one just popped into my head and wanted me to write it down and share it.

I asked why this was the right time to share it and the answer I got was “BECAUSE CARISSA, YOU YOURSELF LIKE TO WORK WITH AND FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE TO MENTORS WHO ARE LIKE THIS!”

And yes, intuition, or higher self, or spirit guide, or whoever you are; you are right.

While I obviously love working on my mindset along the way, I always prefer to work with coaches and follow people online who completely OWN THE FACT that they want to go big, that they are DRIVEN, that they are obsessed with their business, and that they want to make a lot of money and experience financial and time-based freedom.

IT INSPIRES ME! I want to learn from people who have DONE IT and who are actively still DOING IT themselves…

And that’s how I always have been!

I didn’t just get my home based business successful and profitable, I fucking opened 5 stores, sold them, imported my own brand of products and sold it internationally, created online training courses, a nationwide mobile service, have run tonnes of online courses and coaching programs over the last 5 years…

And I’m not sharing “what I’ve done” to boast, I’m saying THAT’S WHO I AM.

I will not stop growing, I can’t, I don’t want to, and I don’t think I should…


The ones who other people think should “settle down” and “just be happy with what they have” but no… that’s not us.

We actually can’t do that.

We are the inventors, the hunters, the mad scientists, the rockstars, the creative geniuses of the business world.

We are BORN THIS WAY and it’s actually not possible to “turn it off” and be satisfied living any kind of “normal” life…

Like, why would you want to do that when there is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY these days to live the best fucking life you can? WHYYYYYYY???

And so, because of this, I want to help inspire people who WANT TO SCALE…

And ideally, not just people who want to scale to 6 figures or multi 6 figures (although that is often the initial goal)…

I have a new personal mission to help people like me PAY THEMSELVES A FUCKING 6 FIGURE SALARY, BIATCH.

(not sorry for the swearing, it’s just coming out of me, I can’t even help it)!

Like, is your business even successful though if you are not paying yourself from it?

I remember for the first few years of my business I didn’t pay myself, all the money went back into growth, and I know that’s normal when you are relatively new, BUT, by doing that I never had any money left over!

When I started paying myself, that’s when I actually was able to experience financial freedom.

I’m thinking of creating a video this week, called “HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS THAT CAN PAY YOU A 6 FIGURE SALARY”

Would you like me to do that for you?

If you are this kind of super driven, go big or go home, mad scientist, crazy in the brain entrepreneur who is IN IT FOR LIFE BECAUSE IT’S JUST WHO YOU ARE!

Please reply to this email, tell me about the craziest thing you’ve done so far in business (just for fun), and let me know if you want me to send you the video when I’ve finished recording it. (No charge)!

Love Carissa xo