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Are you coming from a place of love?

This is a question I ask myself EVERY DAY or at any time that I start to feel upset, angry, resentful, judgmental, jealous, triggered…

Or any negative emotion that I know is not serving me or anyone else.

I even have it written up and stuck on the wall in my hallway so that I see it multiple times a day.

Asking yourself this question IMMEDIATELY changes your perspective on any situation that is currently bothering you.

For example:

1. Husband didn’t change the toilet paper.

Ego response: angry, annoyed, frustrated, why can’t they just change the &^&*%%$ roll, are they that stupid!?

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Just change the toilet roll, fold a little point into it, write a love note to hubby on it.

2. Staff member didn’t clean the floor at the end of the shift.

Ego response: anger, blame, frustration, questioning whether or not you should fire them because they just can’t do the damn job properly…

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Sending them a message or having a quick chat with them thanking them for everything they DID DO that day or that week, telling them how grateful you are for them, complementing them on their style, their work, how they showed up on time. Asking them kindly and politely why the floor was not cleaned, and asking them if you can do anything to help make it easier for next time?

3. A client complained and abused and threatened you.

Ego response: STUPID CLIENT, omg I don’t deserve this, vent to others, defend self, blame the client.

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Thank the client for sharing their opinion and feedback, tell them you appreciate it and you are sorry that they did not have the experience they were hoping for or expecting.

Tell them you will take the feedback on board, and ask them if there is anything you can do to help improve their experience. Would they like you to help them fix it, have another go, or a refund and a box of chocolates… because even if they are a total ^&*$ face, you choose to send them love and keep them happy anyway, kill them with kindness and give them the best negative experience they have ever had.

Tell me…


Reply to this email and let me know

Love, Carissa xo.


Eat the happy noodles

Sometimes I just stop and ask myself…

“Is this really how I want to be spending my life right now?”

If the answer is YES… good! Do more of that!

And if the answer is no, then I look at specifically what part of my life I’m not enjoying and I do something to change it or get rid of it.

Don’t waste your life doing things that you think you should do if they aren’t bringing you real & authentic joy.

Your happiness is your own responsibility.

(Same goes for others that you might be trying to keep happy while sacrificing your own happiness. You’re not responsible for the way they feel, they are).

Do what’s best for you now or risk learning your lessons too late. 💔

Are you enjoying life right now? What about your business, is it bringing you joy?
If you’re not enjoying your life as much as Jayden is enjoying these noodles… something needs to change.

Reply to this email and let me know 🙂

Love, Carissa xo.


How to stop people cancelling on you last minute

How can you stop people from cancelling on you last minute in business?

I’ve talked about this a lot before and yes it used to be an issue for me too.

The only thing you can do that’s going to stop people from cancelling is – getting deposits.

Or take a booking fee, specifically a non refundable one.

Because then people are committed, and they will show up.

If you don’t ask for any deposit or booking fee then it’s easy for people to cancel.

The other thing to be aware of, is that if you stop focusing on it and start visualising that all of your clients will show up, things will change…

What have you implemented in your business to help eliminate last minute cancellations?


Dear baby boy, mama loves you already xo


The only shot we could see of bub’s face yesterday during the 21 week Ultrasound, and he made a little love heart for us with his hands!! 💙

Incase you didn’t see the video yet on my instagram @coffeewithcarissa – we are having another little BOY! 🌟

So far from the scans he looks nothing like Jayden and I am EXTRA excited to meet him and see his little face!!

He has given me his name, over and over again every time I doubt it, it comes back stronger again into my mind.

Starting to get to the part of pregnancy where it gets uncomfortable to fall asleep and gets a little difficult to get up off the ground & put shoes on.

The nausea and fatigue has stopped (yay) and I am feeling energetic again most days as long as I get some sleep!

This new soul is bringing with him some STRONG ENERGY (I can even see my belly moving from the outside already) and am processing interesting emotions daily that I don’t know if they’re mine or his.

I feel like this little one is going to bring us a lot of adventures.

I love you too my little star-child xo 🌙


My latest Podcast interview!

My latest podcast with the amazing Jamie Slutzky!

Here’s a recap and then the link to the podcast is below.

My guest today is Carissa Hill and we discuss finding the right platform by which you can radically grow your business. Carissa is a lifelong entrepreneur from Australia.

Her first successful business was a spray tanning and hair extension business. She started it at age 21 and by the time she was 25 she had quite an impressive business.

She grew the whole business using Facebook marketing and a basic html website. After building this business, she realized when she talked to people they wanted to know how she built her business so she started coaching. Then people wanted to know how she built the coaching business so now she teaches about that.

Why Facebook to grow local business?
When she started her business, Facebook didn’t exist yet, she used MySpace! Carissa used it because she loved connecting with people.

She likes to use platforms that I actually like to use. I stick to what I enjoy using as do my ideal clients. Using a platform you don’t enjoy will suck all the joy out of what you are doing.

Golden nugget: enjoy what you are using and doing to grow your business. If you don’t enjoy it find something that you do.

How do you get started creating connections with potential ideal clients?
It starts with being that real authentic person. You can’t allow someone to form a connection with you if you are not being yourself. You can to show that you are a real person not just a business. A lot of businesses are afraid of showing that real side of who you are. There is something to be said about being an individual vs. business entity. People want to connect with people not businesses. Without personality, depth, emotion, it makes it hard for people to connect with your business.

What type of content do you like to create? Why do you like that content? How do you create it? Not just the tools but also the thought process…
I love live videos. I really love being able to connect with live videos. I have always used videos, but I love the live videos. It saves times, it forces me to be a little more vulnerable and authentic. It forces me to have a conversation with people in real time. It’s more about having a conversation with people rather than just being on a video.

The ability to go back to a video if you aren’t in a place to watch it live. It’s nice to be able to go back and watch it when you can. There is a FOMO element to live videos.

When you work with our clients globally what is it that they are looking to accomplish?
I specialize in rapid business growth. The majority of what people come to me for is help with Facebook advertising. I help them with improving their online branding, understanding their audience, creating content their audience wants from them, and then help them with the copywriting and such to target their ideal clients.

I do all my business through Facebook. I teach people to do what I do.

Do you still work with local business or more online entrepreneurs?
Work with both right now. In kind of a transition where I’m teaching more about how I built my Facebook and launching in it.

Remember — The audience is not just online entrepreneurs and I want to make sure that everyone in the audience sees the value of using Facebook to grow. There are so many ways of learning a business and so many business types.

What are your best tactics for getting started having more content rich online presence on Facebook? Do you have top tips? Or starter tips for video content?
I listen to questions people ask me and I will make a video answering those questions. Whether it’s from my group or someone else’s group. I can do a video or content post about this on my page. I’m helping people with what they want help with which leads to engagement. I’ll even do a video on “what not to do” type of things when I see something I feel strongly about.

Any other tips?
Because it is putting you on camera, the energy that you put into it is important too. You have to have a little strategy for having intention with what you are putting out there. Positive energy is important. People will get what you put into it.

What do you think is the tell tale sign of someone having a bad day on video?
There’s only ever been one or two I have deleted. It’s been when I’ve been doing it for the sake of doing it. There isn’t an intention or for entertainment I’ve just done it to say I’ve done it. You can feel it when you are open and honest with yourself. If you feel cringe-worthy when you watch it then you should probably delete it.

How do you get so much done?
Re-purposing content is amazing! Mostly my support team does the communication sales chats. I do have a bot hooked up that sends them a link for my free ebook. Adds them to email list etc. I try to re-purpose as much as possible.

Listen to the full podcast by clicking the image below and then let me know what you thought!

Love, Carissa xo


Are you THAT person?

To me, there are only 2 types of people…

There are people who are genuinely happy with themselves & their lives, they are grateful and optimistic and appreciative.

They make you feel good about yourself and good to be around. They are supportive and encouraging and accepting of others differences.

These people choose to live in a state of love and gratitude and even when they find themselves slipping out of it they prioritise getting back to it quickly.

These people are extremely open minded, self aware, and are always looking for ways to grow and improve themselves.

On the other hand… there are those who are unhappy, unfulfilled, negative, critical, judgemental and refuse to take any responsibility for their own happiness, lifestyle or moods.

These people are draining, they don’t care about anyone other then themselves, they make you feel shitty about yourself, and they blame anything and everything for the way they are.

These people are closed minded, are living in a state of ego and blame and are usually not self aware at all and are definitely not open to change or improvement.

Years ago, I used to be in the second type of person category for a while…

I worked hard on myself and got myself out of it, and you can too.

If you want to be one of the first in 2019, you are going to need to let go of surrounding yourself with the second as much as you possibly can.

And you need to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, words & who & what you surround yourself with.


The two most powerful words you could ever say..

What is the first thing that comes to your head when you say the words “I Am” ……..

Try it and see.

If your current beliefs about yourself are not empowering, positive & making you feel happy and confident…

Start changing the words to something else.

You can even stick the words up on a wall, put them in a frame, or write them on a mirror where you see them every day.

Here are some positive examples for you:

I am beautiful.

I am talented & unique.

I am doing my best every single day.

I am a great mother / wife / business owner.

I am happy & grateful for all that I am.

I am fucking Amazeballs.

Choose the one that suits you best. 🙈
Love, Carissa xo.


What really matters to you in life?


If you’re not currently spending the majority of your time focussing on these particular areas…

You’re likely to end up regretting, resenting and feeling unfulfilled by the way you are living.

When I ask myself this question, the main answer always comes back to: my family & my work (helping others to achieve their own goals & achieve happiness)…

My health (physical & mental) plus the expansion of my mind, and my spirituality are also equally important to me.

And also, just being. Enjoying the everyday. Appreciating everything around me and the magic in just being alive… 🌙

And so… if I ever notice myself feeling flat, bored, uninspired, empty etc

It’s because I’m probably not focussing on something that REALLY MATTERS to me in that moment.

So, today, think about and remind yourself of what really matters to you… and do more of that. 💕🙏🏼

What really matters to you?

Reply and let me know what you’ll be focussing on more?

Love, Carissa xo