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Are you my ideal client? Time to find out!

Let me tell you about MY ideal client…

She is creative, talented, has too many ideas, is obsessed with her business, and is NOT prepared to settle for not reaching every single goal she sets for herself..

She knows she is extremely talented yet she still doubts herself a lot and is terrified of many things, mostly negative criticism & people judging her..

She’s an action taker. As soon as she has an idea she’s researching it and testing it and figuring out how to make it work. She acts first and thinks later..

She loves money & wants to make a lot of it and she loves helping people just as much and would even do what she sells for free if money were no object but she knows that people don’t value free so she charges good prices that people take seriously…

Because she takes her business seriously and she wants her clients to take their purchase seriously..

She loves investing in her education and skills and self development… loves buying new courses & books…

Yet still momentarily freaks out before each purchase until she reminds herself of the long term return she’ll get from the relatively short term investment of time and money…

She loves spending time alone but also loves people. In small doses.

She wants to be one of the best in her industry. She cares deeply about her brand & reputation.

She doesn’t like to be compared to anyone else and has a high need for uniqueness.

She knows she’s different and has always had a very hard time fitting in… even though she still keeps trying to find where she fits…

She knows deep down she just doesn’t fit into any box or have any label.

Even though she has many fears she’s learned to push herself through them as she knows it’s the only way to actually get anywhere in life…

She often hesitated to ask for help, feedback or advice for fear of being seen as weak.

But when she does, she does with confidence and full vulnerability & transparency & is open to the feedback & advice..

She gave up complaining a long time ago because she knows how annoying & pointless it is and now chooses to see everything as a lesson.

She loves to work with me as her coach / mentor & join my programs because she feels like on some level we are basically the same person.

I’m just a bit further ahead & have mastered things she wants to learn to master.

She doesn’t take anything (or herself) too seriously and she thinks the way most business courses and coaches are structured are boring, too serious, self focussed and don’t get her fast enough results which is why she loves working with me.

She buys almost everything I have to offer because she knows she’ll get an amazing return on investment from every single thing.

Because she is an implementor and a creator, not a consumer & complainer…

She started following me & watching my free stuff, and then bought one of my books, and then bought one of my courses and then another, and another…

She is grateful & full of love (most of the time) and when she’s not she tries really hard to get herself back to that state.

Is this you?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Reply to this post and let me know who they are!

Love, Carissa xo


I have a super power I want to teach you…

So today I’m actually going to be sharing a little bit about something that I believe is a super power of mine.

Once I mention it, you will probably think, ‘oh, that makes so much sense!’

This super power is what I will be putting into the new course I just launched, you may have seen it, the WTF Do They Want From Me course.

I may also first draw a Tarot card first, with a message for someone who needs to hear it – is it you? You’ll need to watch!

So let’s talk about my super power…

I’m sure there are going to be people who think that it makes so much sense!

You may have noticed that a lot of times, when I write a post, whether it be on my Facebook page, whether it be in this group, wether it be a live video talking about a specific topic, or wether it be a big ranty post that’s come out of nowhere, there’s always at least one person who is like, ‘OH MY GOD Carissa, it’s like you are inside my head! How the F did you know I was thinking this? That I needed to hear this, right now?’

People are like, you’re psychic, it’s like you can read my thoughts.

And I’m like, well, actually, I can, but it’s not intentional.

I’m not literally thinking, ‘oh, Susie needs to hear this!’ and then I say something.

It’s more like, something comes to me and I start writing it, and there’s always people who need to hear it.

And it is a super power.

And it’s also how I’ve managed to be super successful in business because I know what people want.

And it’s because, I know, what people want.

Or, I know what people need.

And that is because I intimately, obsessively, in such a deep, crazy level understand who my target market is.

And I was finally able to break down the process of how I do what I do.

Want to know more? You should watch the video in full .


Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough?

I think by far one of the most frustrating things in my life is the fact that there are SO many things I want to do and experience and achieve…

And that there simply isn’t enough time or energy to do them all at once.

(I still will do them all, but the struggle is that I want them all at once) lol

I feel like my life’s not going to be long enough or something…

And I want to experience as much as I can!

I have chosen to refuse to conform to the belief that you “can’t have everything” and that you need to choose “one thing to focus on” because it’s BS.

You can do whatever the F you want, at any time, it’s always a choice. This time of human existence is magic.

Some people then come back and say things like “yeah but you need money to do things” and to that I also say, yes, well, making money is also a choice!!

Even if you have no money, there are FREE resources such as books in libraries and youtube videos that can teach you how to make money, improve your thinking, and grow successful businesses…

However, most of the things I am currently doing don’t require much money… just time & energy, and, some of them MAKE money (if I choose to sell them)💵

But anyway, that’s my biggest challenge right now.

I’m currently getting a children’s book illustrated that I wrote almost 2 years ago after Jayden was born…

As well as recording new course videos for my WolfPack Mastermind members…

As well as creating a design for a new *MAGICAL* coming soon exciting thing I just had the idea for yesterday!!!

As well as editing & self publishing more books…

As well as planning birthday parties and future business events…

As well as binge-watching netflix shows.

As well as spending time playing with my son and talking with my husband…

As well as reading books and working out and meditating…

As well as laying on the floor doing nothing…

As well as recording & editing content videos…

As well as writing sales pages…

As well as helping my clients…

And I still feel like I’m not doing enough things and I want to do more, even though I am happy with what I am already doing…

Maybe tomorrow we will go on a random picnic adventure…

Can you relate?!?!?!?!? Reply and show me what your list looks like!! 😂


Love, Carissa xo


Do you deserve time for yourself?

Every month this happens.

I have a day once a month booked in to get my nails, waxing & facial done. It’s a “me day”

And every time it comes along, I am always in a state of feeling “busy” like there’s other things I need or have to do for my business…

And every time I remind myself that the fact I commit to this day once a month is because I need it & because I start feeling like this if I don’t give myself the break…

The work can always wait.

I deserve this time for myself.

So do you!

If you’re feeling stressed or like there’s too much to do! The answer is not in doing more.

It’s in doing less for a while.

If you’re an obsessive high achiever you NEED to force yourself to commit to it.

Also, set your intentions for each day.

Stop pushing. Start flowing.

Love, Carissa xo.


Does your business have a purpose OTHER than money & success?

I just wanted to find out from you; does your business have a purpose OTHER than just making you money and making you successful?

In the beginning of running a business, that can be what you focus on a alot.

Getting clients.

Making sales.

Making money.

Because obviously a business needs to make money in order to be successful.

If you’re not making a profit then you’re basically dead or in trouble!

But, a lot of people, when they find themselves JUST focusing on getting money and making sales, can feel a little bit empty or a little bit unfulfilled.

You can get stressed out about it quit quickly when the money side of things isn’t necessasrity going the way you want it too.

Which happens.

Business will go up and down – it’s a bit of a rollarcoaster ride.

However, if your business has a purpose that is something BIGGER than you, then that can make you feel not only more fulfilled in your business, but also keep you pushing and keep you going when you’re feeling a little bit flat or empty.

Learn more about PURPOSE by watching the video and then reply with what YOUR ultimate purpose is xo.



Your results in any area of your life always come from your thoughts.

If you think “I’m not good at marketing” then guess what’ll happen?

You’ll suck at marketing.

You’ll also look around for evidence to prove this to yourself so you can justify it to others.

If you think “I can never lose weight” then guess what’ll happen?

You’ll never lose weight.

You’ll also look around for evidence to prove this to yourself so you can justify it to others.

If you think “I’m FUCKING AWESOME at business and life and I can learn how to master anything I put enough energy & commitment too!!!”




Thoughts are things.
Use them wisely. ✌🏼

What has been showing up in your life due to your thoughts? Reply to this email and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo


The only way to move through an uncomfortable feeling is to feel it.

Ok, so I’m doing a thing… and you’re either going to like it or not like it. We’ll find out.

The truth is… I’ve been filtering myself. Like, a lot. For a long time. On my Facebook profile.

Why??? Because in the past when I’ve really truly spoken my mind…

I’ve been criticised, judged, told things like “watch your ego” and “be humble” and “that’s not how you used to be” …

And so, like so many women, when we’re told things like this… we start to tone ourselves down. Filter our thoughts & words.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” right???

But… what if by only saying nice things all the time you’re not actually helping anyone to make a change or grow and improve or think differently in any way???

Not that I’m saying I want to say not nice things… but I’m going to start saying more things, period.

I already say a lot of things… but it’s mostly on my business page & in my group and honestly, I’ve been AFRAID to post stuff like that on THIS profile because of thoughts like:

“But I have friends & family on there!

There are people that probably could be triggered or offended by what I really think and what I’d really love to talk about!!

I could upset someone!”

And I’ve decided I’ve had enough of those thoughts and that if anyone is going to choose to be offended or triggered by any of my upcoming posts, opinions or rants…

They are welcome to remove themselves.

The only way to remove a fear is to face it.

The only way to move through an uncomfortable feeling is to feel it.

I’m not filtering any more.
I’m no longer about being liked.
I’m about to be about being true to yourself.

Helping people to improve their lives & businesses is my passion.

And I can’t do that to my highest ability if I’m not saying what really needs to be said.

Communication & connection is key. 🔑
Let’s communicate & connect.

It starts meow. 🐱

P.S. new tattoo

Love, Carissa xo


Who is your ideal client and are you attracting them?

As a business owner, it’s really important to remember that not everyone is your ideal client.

You’ll probably know this from your experience.

You’ve got some clients that you love, and are amazing, and they show up and they buy everything.

There are some clients that come back every now and then but they’re not dedicated to you.

And then there are some that come, maybe once, and then never come back again.

And so in your marketing, when you’re really trying to grow your business, the more clear and aware you are of who your ideal clients actually are, the easier it’s going to be to attract them.

So STOP trying to please everyone and make all of your advertising and marketing as if you are just doing it for that ideal person,

that you’re just talking to them,

that you’re just thinking about them every time you do or post or write or advertise, anything!

For myself personally, I use my self as my ideal client because I love to work with people who are like myself.

Most human beings like people who are like themselves, it’s just how we are.

So as a curious human being, if you want to know more about how to attract your ideal client, watch the video!


STOP stressing! Everything is going to be fine xo

If you’re feeling stressed out right now… if you’re pushing yourself too hard…

Just know that the stressful energy is radiating from you into every other part of your life.

The people around you can feel it.

You’re probably not making the best choices.

You’re not actually going to get what you want from putting this energy into whatever you’re doing, so it’s time to just chill out for a sec.

Stop pushing.

Take a breath.

Remove yourself from whatever you’re doing.

And gently remind yourself that it’s all gonna be ok 👌🏼

Everything is perfect and exactly as it’s meant to be.

Everything happens in divine timing, as it is supposed to.

You can’t possibly allow in what you want when you’re constantly pushing against the natural flow of things.

Let go.

Get yourself back into a state of gratitude and love.

Think about everything that is right in your life and everything good that has already happened…

Rather than focussing on what is not yet the way you want it to be.

Ask yourself: “If I was coming from a place of love right now, what would that look like?”


It’ll all be ok.

Stop forcing it.

Everything will be fine.

P.S. If you could stop stressing about ONE thing, what would that be? Hit reply and let me know.

Love, Carissa xo


2 things to grow your business FAST!

Feeling 😡😡😡 because you know where you want to go and what you have to do but its taking too long???

Typical high-achiever-syndrome… 🙄

BUT… are you suuuuuuuure you actually know what you have to do?

Otherwise… wouldn’t you be closer to where you want to be by now?

OR… is it that you KNOW what to do, but, you’re not actually DOING IT???


That’s what I thought.

You see, if you want to grow your business FAST.

There are only really very few things you need to be focussing on.

I’ll tell you what they are.



Get Leads.
Have Sales Conversations.
Convert a percentage of them into clients.


Now, of course there also comes the whole “doing the work” part, you know, providing the product or the service to the customer in exchange for the money…


If you are not prioritising the marketing and the sales…

Your business is pretty quickly going to stagnate, plateau, or even go backwards! 😱

So, honey buns…

Are you ACTUALLY doing the things you know you need to be doing??

Are you doing them ENOUGH??

Because if you were… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be feeling cranky-pants at yourself or your business or at life in general, because you’d know you were doing what you need to do and you’d be seeing the results right in front of your eyes!!!


There’s also “thinking you know what to do” but not ACTUALLY knowing what to do…

Because. If you think you know what to do, but you’re doing what you think is right, and it’s not working…

Then isn’t it clear that you actually don’t know wtf you’re doing?




If you know what to do.
And you know what you’re doing.
And you’re DOING IT…

Then, you should be f***ing crushing it right now.

And you wouldn’t be complaining about being stuck or a lack of growth.

If you’ve had enough of not taking your shiz seriously enough, then I’m sorry to say, but you’re the only one who can decide when it’s time to pull your finger out and start taking your shiz seriously…

Nobody else can do that for you baby guurrrlll….

If you’re ready to pull your finger out…

I’ll tell you where you can stick it.

Right here 👉🏼

Come and play with the cool kids.

Stop being mad at yourself.

Life’s too short for that.

Love, Carissa xo