So I asked in my group the other day “how many new clients per month would be ideal for you” and I got such a wide range of answers… But it got me thinking, that I wanted to help you understand a strategy you can follow, no matter how many new customers you want to bring in per week or per month… And to remind you that as a business owner and entrepreneur it is actually your job, and your responsibility, to be always putting your business out there, letting people know what you can do for them… Otherwise, how will you expect them to buy from you if they don’t know you exist or what you do? 🤔


Successful sales conversation is an ART 🖼 and many business owners are being ghosted or ignored because they are not speaking to the person on the other end in a way that makes them actually want to talk back… Here’s a quick tip that might help you if you’re always being ghosted 👻


One of my clients told me she has a fear of advertising her business on Facebook, yet she feels perfectly comfortable on Instagram…

She wants to be able to get over it and get her business out there so she can grow bigger and help more people…

If you can relate to having a fear of putting yourself out there, this video will hopefully help you to re-frame your thoughts & get out of your own way! 🦄


You don’t need to post twice a day to get clients and to grow your business. You don’t even need to post once a day, really!

Sometimes people tell me they feel guilty because they’re not posting on social media as much as they should be…

And other times, I take a look at some of my client’s social media pages and see that they have crap engagement, and they’re not getting any messages, despite posting 2 or even 3 times per day!

The answer to getting results (clients, engagement, sales, growth) on social media is not how often you post…

What you need is at least ONE good post per week (ideally 2-3 would be better, but seriously, don’t beat yourself up about it if you can’t, especially if you have kids or health issues, or a lack of spare time and focus right now)…

ONE good post, can and will get you lots of new clients every week, and it can and will get many of your existing clients buying again, depending on who you decide to write it to, and what you write about.

You also need to make sure that your one good post is talking about something that the people you want to help, actually want to read.

Once you have your ONE good post per week, you then need to make sure as many of those people actually see it for maximum results.

(This is where boosting posts and / or setting your post up as an ongoing ad will come in handy).

From my personal experience, as a teacher, marketer & consultant, when I see people posting a lot, like, two or more times per day, I also often see not very much engagement on each post.

A few likes, maybe a comment, but not usually many leads or people saying they want to book or buy.

If you take the “all the posts all the time” route, I can almost guarantee that most or many of your posts won’t be getting the most amazing response.

Why? Because you’re choosing quantity over quality.

Often they are rushed because you feel like you NEED to post something or else…. (or else what)?

So you don’t think through the intention of the post, who is actually reading it, how it is going to benefit the audience, and what you want the actual result of the post to be…

Now, I’m sure there are many social media or marketing gurus out there who would argue against me and tell you you need to post more, but, I’ve always been a bit of a marketing misfit and honestly believe you can and should do things the way that feels best to YOU, not the way that “Edward The Expert” tells you you should, and makes you feel like you’re doing everything wrong if you don’t do what they say.

(And also, I believe that human connection is more important than strategy and rules anyway).

So, if the thought of posting many times a day, or at the right times of day is stressing you out, or if you think you have to follow some sort of content calendar otherwise you’re failing or doing it wrong…

I’m going to give you permission right now to let those thoughts go, fuck them right off, and instead, think about the type of person or people you want to help right now, and with what, and go and write to them from the heart.

Put some time and energy into it, try it for a few weeks, see how you go.

And if you’d like to see examples of how this is done, as well as access a bunch of awesome recent ad templates I’ve written for my clients, and if you’d like to be shown how to write ads and posts that actually get you clients…

Just say YES PLZ below or message me, and I’ll send you through a short video that lets you know about my newest 12 week program, called ‘selling on social’ and how it can help you grow your business xo


If you want to grow a business that you REALLY LOVE it’s super important to really love the PEOPLE within it. This includes your team AND your clients. 💁🏼‍♀️ One of the very best ways to attract more ideal clients is to put your real personality & perspectives into your marketing (even if you don’t go on camera you can do this with your writing)! This will attract people you would actually get along with in real life… (and probably repel the ones you wouldn’t want to hang out with or who you have nothing in common with). You are NOT restricting your growth by doing this!!! There are so many ideal clients for you out there who are just waiting to find a business they LOVE 💓 and by hiding who you are online, and trying to please everybody, it won’t be possible for them to really connect with you. 🙏🏼 Make your goal not to just attract new clients, but to attract IDEAL CLIENTS!!! 🌙


Jodie asked: “At the moment I do all our social media, from putting the content on, answering comments and inboxes. I want to start delegating some so I can be working on other aspects of the business.

But I’m finding it hard to let go, do you have any tips on how I can let go and teach someone else to do it?

Me: YES!! I have lots of tips. This is my jam. 🍓 Watch the video if you need help letting other people raise your baby.


When you need a reminder of what you should actually be focussing on in your business, save and come back to this one… IF I WAS RUNNING A REAL BUSINESS I WOULD BE:

1️⃣ Working on my marketing first thing in the morning, making sure I’m growing my audience as well as communicating with them in a way that interests them, helps to educate and connect with them, and that calls in the right people, the people who get you, vibe with you and what you do, and who want to learn from you, also allowing those people to know what they can do if they want your help or want what you’re offering…

2️⃣ I’d then be checking messages and chatting with people who were interested in more information, prices, or making a purchase or appointment… I’d be helping them secure their result by giving them the payment options / links and getting them started or secured.

3️⃣ I’d then be focussing on delivering to my clients, serving them, giving them what they wanted to buy, making sure they know how to use it, checking in with them and seeing how they’re going and if they need anything else or any extra help (not selling, caring)!

And then I’d repeat that every day, until it got TOO MUCH for me to do all on my own, in which case I would then start hiring people who could take over each of those different areas of what needs to be done in the business, or at least the ones that needed to be done but that I didn’t enjoy doing the most…

So that I could focus on doing the parts that I loved and that made me feel good, and so that I would know that the other parts were being done properly too. I would give these new people easy instructions to follow, and make sure they knew what to do, felt confident in doing it, and also that they knew that they were appreciated and doing a good job regularly.

When all of those main parts of my real business were taken care of, I would then start looking at the numbers, or, (let’s be real) I would hire someone to help me look at my numbers because I suck at looking at numbers, and I would think about ways to improve them, increase them…

Including; attracting more people to the brand, encourage more of those people to reach out to me for help, find out what those people want and need and let them know how I could help them and what I’d recommend for their personal situation.

And, I’d repeat that process.

Eventually, I’d have great people doing all the things, and I would have time to see the business from a bird’s eye view. I’d be able to come up with new ideas, chat to my team and clients to make sure they’re happy and ok, and I’d be able to start new projects that match my passions and could further help my audience and clients and team.
And that’s how I’d run a real business.

Let me know if you’d like help actually doing all of these things. 


Normally I just let it go and don’t say anything at all, I’m ok with people disagreeing with me, and often I let it open up my mind to thinking differently too.

But today I felt like I really wanted to use this example as a lesson in both how your thoughts affect your reality AND to see things from others perspectives when they disagree with you and avoid trying to make them wrong.

This video is my thoughts & perspectives around when somebody has a thought around money & success that goes something like:

“It’s hard to stay open minded when spoiled little entitled brats are getting jobs they don’t deserve because they know someone”.



If you ever find yourself feeling upset about what you don’t have, what you should or shouldn’t do, what you could lose, or that things are going to end… try to remind yourself that everything is actually temporary, and that life isn’t about “getting or doing things right” it’s about enjoying the moments and experiencing what you want to experience. 🙏🏼

Love Carissa xo


Just because you have been a certain type of person, have been interested or involved in certain things, worked in a job or industry that you have a lot of experience in, or been labeled (by yourself or others) as something or someone that has become you’re whole identity…

Does not mean you can’t go in a completely new or different direction either now or in the near future.

Even if you have had the most traumatic or embarrassing of pasts. If you feel guilt, shame or unworthiness… what you must realise that right now, in this moment, all of that is in the past.

Your future is up to you to create, and like anything you wish to create, it first of all needs to begin in your imagination.

If your imagination frequently runs wild with memories or thoughts of the past that do not make you feel good. If your mind continues to come up with reasons why you “can’t” do something or shouldn’t do something because of who you “were” or because of what has happened to you…

I’m sorry to tell you this but you will continue living in the past or allowing your past to keep you living a never ending life which feels like you’re in a permanent state of “limbo.”

Never able to go back, and never able to go forward either.

My reminder for you to today is that your future is not dependant on your past, and that your past does not need to influence your future.

Your past will always be a part of your life. You can’t erase it. But you can begin to think of it as a part one or two or three of the series of your life.

At any time you can make a new choice, start a new story, and direct the series, with you being the main character, to wherever you want it to go.

Share this if you’re ready to commit to going where you want to go from this moment on! 🙏🏼