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Live Above The Line

I just thought I would share this video with you, as I come back to it often myself whenever I find myself feeling frustrated, defensive or getting myself into a negative thinking spiral…

It’s just one off YouTube, that actually, one of my team members (Josie) shared with me a while back.

It only goes for 3 minutes but it SO clearly explains why sometimes you feel AMAZING and other times you can be not a very happy or nice person to be around… (and what you can do to be aware of it and change it)

Check it out here and let me know what you think!


Things take time. Sometimes much longer than you think.

I’ve never been someone who gives up or complains when things get hard or aren’t working…

I always just try something else or ask for help and keep going…

I know if I want something bad enough I will eventually get it or make it happen…

BUT I also know there are people out there who so easily feel defeated and give up, complain or blame things when the results they want don’t happen fast enough…

And whether you are like me or like someone who feels close to giving up, here’s a little reminder for you.

Things take time. Sometimes much longer than you think.

Everyone is on their own journey. 
Everyone learns at different speeds. 
Everyone has different strengths.

But practicing self belief, self discipline, self responsibility, it’s all a choice.

You either choose to wallow in the self pity thoughts, and blame others so that you don’t have to feel like there’s anything wrong with you or what you’re doing…

Or you remind yourself that anything you want is possible, tell yourself you can do it, know that you’re in this for the long game, get yourself out of a state of frustration, lack, ego, blame and negativity…

And you get to work on growing the juiciest damn fruit you’ve ever tasted!


Are you still struggling to make money with Facebook?

I bet you wish it was waaaay easier to make a bucket load of money quickly, yah?

Like if only there was some “simple magic formula” for bringing in new clients to your business?!

Well, there is. BUT…

For some reason sooooooooo many people seem to struggle with it and can’t fully wrap their heads around it!?

(And I’m still not totally 100% sure of the reason why so many struggle with it)…

My GUESS is that is comes down to fear, ego, uncertainty, doubt, lack of trust, scarcity, or maybe even greed!?

It’s like, they get so focused on trying to get as much as they can as quickly as they can with as least effort, time and money as they can…

And yet, they still keep failing with that approach, but they still keep doing it!?

I’ve seen it happen again, and again, and again…

Whereas the ACTUAL real secret is to narrow things down as specifically as you possibly possibly can!!!

GASP but aren’t I then MISSING OUT on everyone else I can help!? “

Only with that particular ad, kiddo!

BUT, if that one particular ad is done well, you won’t need ‘all the other people’ to make the money you want to make!

You don’t have to help or serve EVERYONE YOU POSSIBLY CAN in order to have a huuuuuuge impact in peoples lives!

Or, in order to make the coin you desire!

And this, is what totally f*#%’s with people in their brains 🧠

Like “but but but but but my clients are so different! My products can help everyone! This service does so many more things than just this one thing!”

Yah I’ve heard it all before hunny buns.

But hey, how’s it going for you still trying to promote stuff like that?

Still hard? Thought so…

So, try getting super specific.


Only after you are focused on one person instead of 5000, and one thing instead of ALL the things, you need to also make sure you are:

  1. Talking to them in a way that makes them pay attention and read what you have to say.
  2. Make sure you’re offering them something that THEY WANT not trying to get them to do what you want.
  3. Make sure the image or video you’re using is attention grabbing and demonstrating the RESULT they desire.
  4. Coming from a headspace of genuinely wanting to help them, empathise with them, connect with them, and meet them where they’re at, not just trying to GET from them.

Make sense?

Love, Carissa xo.

P.S. Check out these amazing results this week from some of our Wolfpack Mastermind members!

MariePierre has brought in $10,590.43 from a spend of $1904.50… (for her wholesale lash supplies business).

Sarah has 2 successful ads running for waxing that are bringing in tonnes of clients and getting great feedback!

Caroline has so far made $450 in teeth whitening bookings from a $10 boosted post and more coming!


Apparently I’m lazy, and I’m cool with it

Would you classify yourself a bit of a lazy or stubborn type of person?

I know this is definitely two traits that I have myself in my own life and as an entrepreneur.

While I used to really think about them as weaknesses, over the last few years I’ve come to see them as strengths. Like everything, every person has different strengths and different weaknesses.

It can be so easy to beat yourself up about your weaknesses especially when they are things that you are aware of or that other people may have pointed out to you.

Now, I have always been a pretty lazy person my whole life even in my childhood but not in all areas. When it comes to things like cleaning up after myself, doing laundry, putting clothes away, washing dishes, that kind of stuff.

When I even think about it, it makes me feel so heavy, it makes me feel so tired. And I just, it’s a real struggle for me to do that. I was always like, “Oh my God but I must just be lazy.”

Then when it comes to things like working on my business selling things, growing money, creating content, writing books, making videos, I get so much more done than so many other people.

So does that make me a lazy person in general or does that just mean that being creative is my strength and being domestic is my weakness?

Is there an area in your life where you feel lazy but KNOW you are disciplined and get all the things done in another area in your life?

Reply and let me know what that area is.


Is your business and life fulfilling you?

Do you feel like you have to force yourself and push yourself to do the work you know you have to do?

It’s really important to dive deep and understand WHY this is happening.

If your life and business is feeling a bit blah, this is what you can do about it. ✌🏼

Does any of this resonate with you? Reply and let me know


Do you know if your business is growing or dying?

It’s important to understand the progress of your business and document what works and doesn’t work to make sure your business continues to grow! ⇧

If your business feels “stuck” at a certain level… check this out.

I want to share with you how you can track your progress in a way that helps your business keep growing… 👊🏼


How can YOU tell if your CLIENTS LIKE & TRUST YOU?

Are your clients buying from you frequently, easily, without you having to force them to finalise the sale?

If people really like and trust your brand, it will feel effortless to sell to them and make money.

In this video, I share with you how you can create a brand that will help your clients like and trust you rapidly.

Do you believe your clients already like and trust you?


You’ll never be successful if you don’t do this

You know what really grinds my gears?Seeing coaches or mentors writing posts about how you’ll never be successful if you’re “not like them”Like, there are SO MANY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!Some highly successful people are crazy unorganised, messy with no strategy and just fling ideas at the world fearlessly at rapid fire speed finding out which ones work & which don’t…Some highly successful people follow carefully planned and organised strategies that are predictable and consistent and neat and perfect…Some highly successful people are full of love and kindness and empathy and acceptance and want to give everyone a hug & keep everyone happy…And some highly successful people are egotistical non-feeling, money & fame obsessed & don’t care who they piss off…Some people make videos, others make podcasts.Some people primarily use Facebook, others use Instagram.Some people wear designer brands, others wear what they are comfortable in.Some people have beautiful tidy office spaces, others thrive in mess.My point is, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself for not being the same as anybody else.You will only be truly happy when you OWN YOURSELF and by doing that it doesn’t mean you will or won’t be successful.Sure there’s always things you can develop and improve within yourself.But you do not need to change the fundamentals of WHO YOU ARE.As long as you believe you can achieve what you want to, you will. And you can do it your own way too. ✌🏼

If you feel like you need to conform for some reason reach out to me and let me know why, so I can reply with answers of why you don’t 😉
Love, Carissa xo.

Do you always say you never have time?

When I meet people who complain about not having enough time for things… and then I see that they still have notifications turned ON on their phone…

And every time one pops up they look at it or check it…


If you keep letting what everyone else is doing / saying / asking etc interrupt your days, you’re not even in control of your own life.

Turn your damn notifications off and get back to people / check things when YOU have set the time to do so!!!

Are your notifications on or off???

(This is like the simplest example but DONT LET OTHER PEOPLE KEEP STEALING YOUR TIME & ENERGY you need to choose wisely where it goes and when!!!)

What else in your life is a time vampire? Just sit and think about it for a bit and then let me know. You might find you have way more time available than you think.

Love, Carissa xo.


What do you do when you can’t decide what to do?

What do you do when you can’t decide what to do?

When your mind is going around in circles and you have ALL the ideas at once and you can’t even finish thinking one of them out in full before the next one is there?

When you can’t sleep because there’s so much on your mind that you legit feel like you have schizophrenia?

Like calm yourself brain, it’s gonna be ok, why can’t you settle down and focus on one thing?


Ahhh the opportunities are so endless so often, so, which path do you choose?

In these moments, it’s important to come back to your souls desires…

To ask yourself what kind of life you want to live?

To check in with what your future looks like…

And then ask yourself, which path is the one that will take me further towards what I really want?

Which option is the one that sparks something inside me (even if it’s not the one that is going to make the most money)?

Which one(s) makes me feel heavy and which one(s) make me feel light?

And then… follow the feelings…

Write them all down.

If you don’t know what you DO want, start by identifying what you do NOT want…

(Normally the answer you are looking for is the opposite of the “I don’t want this” list).


Do something today to take you one step further towards your current vision.

And be accepting of and ok with the fact that the vision and what you want is allowed to change at any time.

You don’t have to have it all figured out right now (or ever)!

But as long as you are moving in a feel good fulfilling direction, you’re doing great. ✌🏼

Do you need a hand in figuring out what you want to do? Email me your do NOT want list and we can go over it .

Love, Carissa xo.