Are your friends breaking up with you?

This one is not really business related but kind of business related.

We had Alicia post in the Coffee With Carissa group the other day saying, ‘this isn’t really business related but a lot of friends have fallen out with me over the last few years… I have moved away but the things they have said to me about me – I can’t let go of and I miss them…. I was wondering if there was anyway to just let go of the past?’

I thought this was a really powerful topic because I have been through something very similar!

About 5 – 6 years ago i went through a stage where I was just really unhappy with my life and I knew that I needed to let people go because it was time to spend some time alone figuring things out for myself.

I sometimes still feel really guilty about ‘breaking up with my friends’ but I also knew that I couldn’t continue to be surrounded by that lifestyle.

While I don’t believe we should ever let go of the past or forget what happened, I do believe that everything serves a purpose to get you to where you are right now.

I have some thoughts on this topic and so did so many people in the group who commented with some seriously amazing tips that I wanted to share them with you today as well.

Get ready for some awesomeness from the Coffee With Carissa community – you guys are the best!