I bet you wish it was waaaay easier to make a bucket load of money quickly, yah?

Like if only there was some “simple magic formula” for bringing in new clients to your business?!

Well, there is. BUT…

For some reason sooooooooo many people seem to struggle with it and can’t fully wrap their heads around it!?

(And I’m still not totally 100% sure of the reason why so many struggle with it)…

My GUESS is that is comes down to fear, ego, uncertainty, doubt, lack of trust, scarcity, or maybe even greed!?

It’s like, they get so focused on trying to get as much as they can as quickly as they can with as least effort, time and money as they can…

And yet, they still keep failing with that approach, but they still keep doing it!?

I’ve seen it happen again, and again, and again…

Whereas the ACTUAL real secret is to narrow things down as specifically as you possibly possibly can!!!

GASP but aren’t I then MISSING OUT on everyone else I can help!? “

Only with that particular ad, kiddo!

BUT, if that one particular ad is done well, you won’t need ‘all the other people’ to make the money you want to make!

You don’t have to help or serve EVERYONE YOU POSSIBLY CAN in order to have a huuuuuuge impact in peoples lives!

Or, in order to make the coin you desire!

And this, is what totally f*#%’s with people in their brains 🧠

Like “but but but but but my clients are so different! My products can help everyone! This service does so many more things than just this one thing!”

Yah I’ve heard it all before hunny buns.

But hey, how’s it going for you still trying to promote stuff like that?

Still hard? Thought so…

So, try getting super specific.


Only after you are focused on one person instead of 5000, and one thing instead of ALL the things, you need to also make sure you are:

  1. Talking to them in a way that makes them pay attention and read what you have to say.
  2. Make sure you’re offering them something that THEY WANT not trying to get them to do what you want.
  3. Make sure the image or video you’re using is attention grabbing and demonstrating the RESULT they desire.
  4. Coming from a headspace of genuinely wanting to help them, empathise with them, connect with them, and meet them where they’re at, not just trying to GET from them.

Make sense?

Love, Carissa xo.

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