I just spent $7000 on diamonds and then got a foot massage to celebrate!

And I am slightly 💩 ing myself sharing this story and this post.


I have been wanting to buy myself diamond earrings for YEARS but kept talking myself out of it.

It was never the right time.
I didn’t need them.
That’s way too much money to spend on earrings!!
What if I lost them?
What would other people think??

Will people judge me or think I’m up myself or showing off?

Are my husband or parents going to tell me I wasted money or could have spent it on something else or could have got them cheaper elsewhere instead of just being proud of me & telling me I’m worth it? 🙈

(Several deep fears that have popped up regularly in life every time I start feeling proud of myself)!

Today, I decided to let go of those fears.

Although, I almost still changed my mind & went back to my comfort zone.

I even said to the lady when she told me the price of the diamonds I liked best that I would go get my foot massage first and “think about it” and then maybe come back…

And then I realised I was doing the same thing I’d been doing for the last 5 years since I first thought about the fact that I wanted to buy some for myself…

I was talking myself out of it, again.

I didn’t know why this was such a big deal to me though?

I mean in the last year I’ve bought a beautiful large house, an acre block of rainforest, spent hundreds of thousands on coaching and education, a new car, and international business class travel all which cost more than the earrings…

(And yes, I’ve worked very hard and gotten myself through a whole lot of other limiting beliefs, comfort zones, fears and challenges over the last 11 years to be able to do all of THOSE things)…

But THIS purchase still scared the crap out of me.

And I couldn’t figure out why.

Possibly because the belief or thinking pattern I had around it was that it was kind of a pointless purchase or that it wasn’t a good investment or didn’t get me anywhere new?

But the thing that I realised today, is that this purchase isn’t an investment in my business or my future, it’s an investment in ME.

And even though I have the money (now) I definitely didn’t always…

It was still a scary decision, but one I believe, I needed to make in order to take MYSELF to the next level.

The diamond earrings originally were something I wanted to buy to celebrate something significant happening in my business…

Such as reaching a certain milestone, turning over a certain amount of money etc

But each time I reached a goal I set (first 100 clients, first 7 figure year, first 6 figure month etc)

I still didn’t make the purchase because it still didn’t feel “good enough” ???

I realised today it wasn’t that the goal wasn’t good enough, it’s that deep down I still didn’t feel good enough!!!

And this was probably the most powerful thing I could do, just for myself, without anybody else around or to influence my decision…

To show myself.
I AM good enough.
And I want this for me.
And I’m allowed to have this.
No matter what anyone else thinks.

And that’s what matters.

So, I did it!
They are in my ears!
They are NOT coming out!

They are not even going to be a ‘special occasion’ thing, they now represent my new every day standard! 💎

(I even got the cute little diamond & white gold crescent moons as well as the 1 carat brilliant cut studs too) 🌙

I bet there is something like this for you in your life too.

Maybe it isn’t diamonds.

Maybe it’s buying yourself flowers.
Or an ice cream.
Or taking a course.
Or hiring a personal trainer.

I bet there is SOMETHING you’ve been thinking about doing for way too long, that you are totally capable of doing right now, and yet you keep talking yourself out of it…

What is it?

Will you join me in making the decision to let go of the fear, let go of the excuses, let go of worrying about what your partner, your friends, your parents or your employees will think?

Will you stop worrying about the money you’re going to “lose” and start focusing on how by seeing yourself as “worthy” in other areas of your life, you will start seeing yourself as worthy of making more money & a bigger impact in your business too?

Say yes!!!

And tell me, put it into the universe, email me what you are committed to doing for yourself!!